What is their reality? It’s not that they are boyfriend and girlfriend, but a pure contract. She is his one-year contract lover.

How can you tell his mother the truth like this?
See Yin Anran didn’t want to answer, and Meng Yijie didn’t continue to ask, "Forget it. Anyway, I can’t understand you and my brother."
"I’m full, Xiaojie. You eat slowly." She said for a while and left the table.
Not long after she returned to her room, she received a message from Gu Jingyan, which was an email account.
She opened her mind and adjusted the photos taken yesterday.
Gu Jingyan doesn’t really need much post-processing for this photo. His face is the biggest advantage.
Yin Anran simply adjusted the color and thought it was ok, then sent it to Gu Jingyan according to the email address.
桑拿按摩Gu Qingshuang slowly opened her eyes and her body ached as if she had been run over by a car. She turned her head and saw the handsome face.
Bo Xiao is still asleep.
She picked up her mobile phone and happened to see the news that Yin An had dyed her hair.
She replied with a chuckle.
After chatting with Yin Anran for a while, she just put down her mobile phone and got ready to get up, when her waist suddenly gained a force.
She was crushed back to the soft big bed.
"Where to?"
The tip of his nose spray her face against her warm breath.
Gu Qingshuang stretched out his hand and pushed him to reveal a sarcastic smile. "It is natural to leave when you are done."
Bo Xiao’s brow flicked together because of her words, but it was only a few seconds. He returned the same smile and raised his hand to stroke her cheek. "Finished?" Gu Qingshuang who finished with you! "
Gu Qingshuang gave him a white look. "Thin gentleman, aren’t you enough?"
"What do you think?" He chuckled and started talking, but she kept moving and lighting a fire.
Gu Qingshuang bit his lip and couldn’t refuse him to touch her. "It seems that being thin and less common sense is still lacking. I know that you are physically strong, but have you ever heard of the words?" She laughed.
Thin night looked at her this smiling face heart suddenly move.
His delicate lip angle is slightly raised, which directly covers her little lip and keeps rubbing and biting.
Every time he kissed, Gu Qingshuang almost gasped, and he didn’t let go until her little face turned red.
Thin night hand, she is on fire.
"Bo Xiao, let go!" She protested
She was developed by him, and he is the most sensitive person who knows her.
Gu Qingshuang’s small hands clung to the sheets, and she hated it, but she didn’t want to feel it, but her body was provoked by him.
He provoked her to "kill everyone"? Ah … you know you have this thing. If Gu Qingshuang really dies, what’s in your body? "
As soon as he spoke, his strong desire was overwhelming and he possessed her.
Gu Qingshuang’s little face turned pale with pain.
But regardless of her feelings, Gu Qingshuang felt terrible.
It’s like this every time. It’s more like a disaster than love! Less for Gu Qingshuang.
After everything was over, Xiao Xiao got up and went straight into the bathroom.
Gu Qingshuang waited for her to come out before she went into the bathroom to clean.
When she came out of the bathroom, the big room had already disappeared, and she looked at the bed and saw a check on the remote control of the bedside table.
She went over and picked up the check and glanced at the figures.
There was a sarcastic smile on her lips, and her hand was pinched out of shape.
Chapter 69 His shirt
Yin Anran entered the drugstore after thinking about it at the door.
"Miss, what do you need?" The clerk asked with a smile.
Yin Anran is the first time to come to the drugstore to buy this "forehead contraceptive"