He doesn’t have a scroll in his hand, but the scroll doesn’t recognize the owner’s things. If you can get the younger brothers without them, the scroll can leave successfully. With this in mind, he began to look around and find the best path.

It was he who never thought of his little mind, and everyone was unclear. He was kicked back when he rushed to the body of a teacher younger brother. Without thinking, he turned to another body and was forced back by a burst of hot anger. He looked up and saw that the body was like a hill and the flame behemoth was staring at him for a moment.
If he couldn’t pick up the scroll, he still had a chance to escape, so he pounced on Junkuang with several extremely thin knives and chased Junkuang alongside him, while others planned to bypass Junkuang directly.
Junkuang raised his hand and brushed away the knife, conveniently grabbed the man by the collar and picked him up. "You can calculate."
"how can you see through my crazy gait?"
"But it’s just a little faster and a little weirder. I’ve seen more weird footwork than this. It’s no big deal." Jun laughed at the man and threw him back to his original place.
The green evil spirit slips down from the neckline of the monarch’s madness and turns into a human body. The beautiful woman smiles and turns up this person in a snake’s tail to prevent him from running again. She swims lightly to the ancient tree and throws the former monarch to the knife and pulls it out.
The towering giant tree shook, its branches withered and its leaves fell off one after another. The whole giant tree began to crumble and collapse little by little from the gap left by the knife, but it didn’t fall down until the whole branch cadre turned into debris and left uneven stumps.
"So do you still think you can get into the master’s place?" Qing Shaqi rubbed the knife into a ball in the palm of his hand and threw it in front of this person. "The master said that you were punished by being picked up." She raised her hand and planted a seal on this person’s forehead. "Now it’s not too late for you to go back and find someone to repent. Don’t wait for us to expose your crime. If you want to retaliate against the master, you say that you are casual, but I hope you can afford the consequences."
"I repent, I repent." This person touched his forehead, and Lingyin ran away with rolling and crawling. It was a big disaster for him. Yushao Forest can also be transformed into a human-shaped spirit beast. How hard it is to cultivate this group of people, let alone revenge. Let’s first review what our fortune is so bad.
"Green evil spirit elder sister, what kind of seal do you have on his forehead?" Qin Xiao asked curiously, it’s a bit funny to see the man frightened out of my wits.
"Well, it’s not an ordinary mark," said the green evil spirit. "Isn’t it true that some prisoners or slaves have tattoos on their faces?"
"I understand that." Qin Xiao was a little curious. After all, she couldn’t understand the words "What is the word on the face of Green Evil Sister?"
Green evil spirit Qiu but smile not language gave you crazy expression of eyes "such as
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Master, I did a good job. "
"Well, it’s quite nice to have you back, so I’ll make a sacred agreement with you." Jun nodded with satisfaction. He didn’t expect that the green evil spirit would collapse the whole tree by drawing out a sword at that moment. This situation is definitely more shocking than he expected.
It’s good that he can crack the trunk a little.
Is it really okay to destroy trees?
It’s broken anyway, or they can claim compensation.
"This black banner really looks like a forest map." Bao hasn’t said much. The Ministry has been paying attention to studying the black banner map. "We are not far from the forest center."
"That’s true."
Jun Qian started with a word and saw two women in white running towards them. They looked back carefully as they ran, as if to avoid being chased by someone.
"What’s the matter?" Qin Xiao threw out two charms of cutting, hiding their figure and making them hide in the bushes at the same time.
"We are Lingcheng College. Thank you for your help." One of them was panting. "If you want to go to the central auction of the forest, please be careful. Many people are eyeing this year’s freshmen to wait for opportunities to rob nearby."
Chapter two hundred and ninety-two It may be a good idea to rob and make money.
Lingcheng College is one of the four colleges in the spiritual world, which is unique in that the college has always stopped recruiting female students by men, and even if it is a female qualification, it has no background and no hope of being admitted.
This is the so-called your daughter’s college. Lingcheng College has trained many powerful female practitioners, all of whom are lofty flowers, but dare not talk casually. Some students do have a very high family status, so although the female practitioners in Lingcheng College are beautiful, few people dare to provoke them.
Even if it’s robbery, there are few people in Lingcheng College. After all, I don’t know when I will really get into a big family. The endless pursuit is really exhausting.
These guys who are ambushing in the central area of the forest even dare to touch the people in Lingcheng College. They think that they are either crazy or have reached the point where their brains are unclear, or they are afraid that someone behind them can keep them.
"Those people don’t seem to be coming." When there are more than a dozen interest rates, if the other party wants to chase at least, it’s time to pass by here, so Jun Kuang gave Qin Xiao a wink in this judgment.
"Who dares to fight with you big ladies?" Qin Xiao asked.
The two men shook their heads one after another. "There is a layer of black fog around them, and they are all wrapped in black fog. They can’t see faces and can’t tell which college is too fast to see what kind of achievement method."
"I don’t think it’s our Qian Shan College." Jun thought about it and asked "Is there a large number?" After all, most people in Qian Shan College have been eliminated, and Miao and others can’t make such a three-pronged approach.
"A lot, about a dozen people are scattered in all directions. Once they have a new goal, they will inform each other and people nearby will arrive one after another." One of them gracefully thanked Jun Kuang and others. "Thank you, our sister is Ruan Shi’s consort, my name is Fei Xue, and this is my sister Fei Shuang."
A round of the crazy eyes of "Ruan Jia" immediately made an "appraisal" for two people, and it was with Ruan HongLing.
"Then you have something with Sister Nguyen." Qin Xiao has asked out of the mouth one step earlier. "I said it was Sister Nguyen of HongLing."
"Exactly" Fei Shuang seems to be quite timid around strangers. He has been keeping his head down and his ears and neck are red. He can’t wait to shrink himself into a ball. "But we are sidelined and can’t compare with the owner."
After all, Ruan HongLing also gave them a lot of help and gave them a nice gift when they got married. You are crazy to think that it is better to take the two sisters with those "obstacles" anyway, which is also a little favor.
"Since you are an acquaintance of Ruan’s sister, we might as well give it a hand." At Qin Xiao with laughter, Jun turned his attention to Fei Xue and Fei Shuang. "Let’s just drop by."
"Why don’t you owe us nothing? You don’t have to be so restrained." Jun laughed wildly. "I am helping you to see the family of Lord Ruan, and this favor was paid by Miss Ruan HongLing earlier."
"Deposit" Qin Xiao looked at you curiously, and it was embezzled into the small vault. Why didn’t I know?
"Don’t look at my deposit, haven’t you already eaten it?" You crazy fingers scratched a Qin Xiao bridge of the nose.
Qin Xiao didn’t react this way. The so-called deposit is just an excuse. Can she calculate the deposit if she eats so many sugar-coated haws?
However, she is too lazy to argue with him when she feels comfortable with this statement.
"hinder, hinder the goods to a suspect is not much so one or two" jun modest ha ha laugh.
Before he finished laughing, his brain got a "is it cheap and cheap that no one can tidy up you?"
"How dare I?" Jun Qian shrugged his shoulders and removed the ban. "You said they must have a lot of good goods when they rob people."
"You didn’t just experience it." You picked your eyebrows wildly. After all, they just got some benefits from the "senior brother" of Yuanfeng College.
It’s true that they knocked three people from Yuanfeng College before, but the trader has let them go yet. Jun Kuang is not worried about their default. He told Xuanzong’s master to guard them unless these people don’t leave the college and don’t enter the prestigious clan after graduation from the college.
If they want to enter the big and small clans smoothly or hope that they will suffer less after doing business, they will have to spit it out twice after they default; Besides, you crazy don’t recognize Yuanfeng college people will default.
A group of two sisters, Fei Xue and Fei Shuang, removed the ban and headed for the middle of the forest.
"We are ambushed about 100 meters away from here, please be more vigilant." Fei Shuang said, pointing to the front.
"It’s okay, they can’t stand us." Qin Xiao patted her back to comfort her.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-three Don’t understand amorous feelings
桑拿按摩Qin Xiao didn’t think that the two sisters, Fei Xue and Fei Shuang, would believe what she said, but the realm was obvious. If she said this, the two sisters would feel at ease a lot.
"Is there any clan that can wrap up the body in the dark fog?" You crazy somehow feel that it seems a little familiar.