"What’s your command?" It sounded like a piano outside.

"Where’s Ms. Park?" Huangfuda asked.
"Isn’t Princess Princess the room?" Ruqin was surprised.
I heard Huangfuda’s ear, but it made his mind tense. Suddenly, he lifted the bed and didn’t even come to wear shoes. The wardrobe was still neatly lined with clothes of Shuiyunfu, but she didn’t see the one she wore yesterday. Huangfuda knew that Shuiyunfu had the habit of changing clothes every day.
Huangfuda walked out of the door like a piano in three steps and two steps, wondering what was going on inside. Suddenly, when Huangfuda came out barefoot, she felt that the event was not good.
Huangfu Lida’s courtyard swept a circle of waterside pavilions. On weekdays, few people came in and covered the courtyard with snow. There was almost no trace of stepping on it. This snow lasted for nearly two hours. That is to say, Shuiyun Hibiscus had left his mind before the snow fell. He just thought of a stabbing pain in his heart. His thin and tall body was very obviously shaken, and he didn’t feel cold.
"Report" JiQing also sen appeared to think that Huangfuda looked scary, and their report was sure that the princess had a princess. Shouldn’t it be in the house? What happened again?
喝茶约茶"Princess?" Huangfuda’s voice sank badly.
The "Princess" two people were so frightened that they immediately knelt in the snow regardless of anything. "I have never seen the princess before, and I don’t know."
"I don’t know when the princess disappeared. The king wants you." Huangfuda was furious. He blamed not only Ji Qing and Sen, but also himself. He couldn’t see that Yunjin came back last night. It turned out that he was safe. He left him while he was relaxed.
Her temperature and breath are still, and he refers to her beauty and softness, and her whispers and lingering feelings are still ringing in his ears, but he can’t catch anything, even his heart leaves with that cruel and heartless woman.
"It’s a damn thing to find" JiQing also sen two people hurriedly got up and called wangfu dark who spread out in all directions.
Huangfuda was motionless, and the snow fell on his shoulders, and his hair quickly solidified into ice. Those bottomless eyes froze in one place. How could that woman throw him anything again? Even if there were no amount of self-denial and pros and cons, she shouldn’t leave him. Didn’t it ever occur to her that he would be unbearable? Does she know that his heart would be very painful?
Can she really walk so freely? Does she really care about him?
As he thought, no one in Houfu knew where Shuiyunjin had gone, and there was no Shuiyunjin shadow in the whole capital, and I don’t know when she left the city.
Although people went to Qulan town, he also knew that it was only the last bit of hope in his heart. Did she want to leave his life so badly when she left?
But no matter whether the sky were to fall or the ends of the earth, he would find that heartless woman, just as he said that no matter what she did, he would never let her go. He gave her all his love and died.
Shuiyunjin, you wait until I find you. When I find you, even if you are tied up, you will never leave me again.
At the same time LingXiaoYao there also got the news.
"The temple guards the dark guards around the princess to report that the princess has lost track of her, and now she is missing, so please punish the temple." Joe disguised himself as a sin.
"huangfuda over there" lingxiaoyao didn’t say anything severe punishment is his eyebrows.
"It seems that almost all the dark guards of Princess Luolan Wangfu are out," replied Joe.
Ling Xiaoyao is too elegant to play with his waist. The piece of black Yu Pei, one black and one white, is beautiful. "It is not surprising that even he was deceived by Hibiscus."
Joe nodded. "Does the temple let the dark guard come back or continue to look for the princess?"
"They can’t find Yunjin’s clever mind, but she is inconvenient outside. You should go to Beijin in person. If you find her trace, don’t disturb her to come back quickly." Ling Xiaoyao ordered.
Joe immediately asked, "The temple means Princess Beijin."
"She won’t leave sex, you go." Ling Xiaoyao’s eyes are deep, no matter how clever Shuiyun Park is, human nature can’t stop her thinking too much, and she won’t just let everything disappear.
"Yes, leave at once." Qiao Gongshen left.
LingXiaoYao sitting there is still playing with black Yu Pei and moving too much, even the eyes become light. "Yunjin, you are smart and intelligent, and you don’t lose me. How can I let you go?"
Shuiyunjin and his party finally arrived outside Beijincheng at dusk this day.
"Sister, you really don’t have to say that if I hadn’t watched you change from a woman to a man with my own eyes, I really wouldn’t recognize you." Li Chen stared at Shuiyunjin’s face in surprise.
"You know I’m a man, so I’m called my sister." Shui Yunjin corrected.
Li Chen had a quick laugh and gave a big gift "Brother Yun is polite"
Shuiyunjin bowed her hand according to the male ceremony, "Chen Di is polite."
"Sister, it’s strange that you might as well just call my name." Li Chen twisted his face.
"Also call elder sister the mouth" ShuiYun ms white his one eye.
"Sister read smoothly, besides, we haven’t entered the city yet." It would be good to despise myself in my heart if I left Chen.
"Remember that you must never read smoothly again and come out." Shuiyun Park was seriously awake.
"Well, I dare not forget the non-stop journey again. Brother Yun worked hard. Let’s find a place to stay and someone will pick us up after night." Li Chen promised.
Shuiyunjin nodded and a group of people switched to Huangchengbian Inn.
This time, Shuiyun Park not only changed her appearance, but also changed Zi Xia’s face for men’s wear. Even Lin Han, the iceberg wood, finally took off her red dress and made Shuiyun Park drool.
After nightfall, a person said that it was a confidant sent by Lord Xu to find Li Chen, saying that after nightfall, it was the change of the garrison, and that the garrison general was credible, so he should leave Chen and follow him into the city immediately.
Before it’s too late, a group of people followed the confidant to the gate, and sure enough, the guarding city man let a few people in.
At this time, it was already late at night, and the people had already rested in the city. It was very quiet, and the people successfully came to the adult’s mansion without attracting attention.
With a large population, there is a palace banquet in the palace. He will try to take a few people into the palace to see the Emperor of the Northern Jin Dynasty first, and then Shuiyunjin and others will temporarily stay in the house.
The next evening, the palace banquet began.
There are many people in the palace, and people come and go. I didn’t notice that an outsider had passed through the palace, and the grown-up seems to have secretly contacted many people. It seems that Tianhong is really unpopular now.
The remote Qiushui Temple, the Northern Jin Emperor, was trapped here.
"Father, father, father, son is back." As soon as several people walked into the temple, not many people looked at an elderly old man, and the Northern Jin Emperor lay in a big bed and slept very hard. I didn’t know that he would really fall asleep.
"Report, report, how did you come back? If you let people find out, it would be terrible." The old man seems to be the people around the Northern Jin Emperor who looked at him with a face of concern.
"Celebrate my father-in-law to rest assured that everyone outside has already done a good job. This time, the king came back. First, the father. Second, the theory of the Northern Jin Dynasty, such as the king, should do its best at all costs." From the Chen eyes, the color gradually deepened and firmly tunnel.
"That’s good, that’s good. The Northern Jin Dynasty is saved. I’m afraid the emperor’s illness is getting worse."
Everyone’s eyes are on the bed. The emperors of the Northern Jin Dynasty are all within a few years of age, but look at the emperor of the Northern Jin Dynasty, who is already in a state of decline. I think he should have suffered a lot in recent years
From Chen’s eyes, he glanced at Shuiyun Park and Shuiyun Park, and poisoned the pulse for the Northern Jin Emperor even if he had solved the poison.
However, Shuiyunjin didn’t say it. Now that he is back from the processing, the ministers of the Northern Jin Dynasty are waiting for the emperor to wake up and hope that the emperor will be in his place. At this time, the emperor must be fine.