Mrs. Ling looked at Ling Mo’s cold mouth and smiled. The whole person was even more stunned. She didn’t know that her son’s face would have this kind of smile for many years. She had never seen him smile like this.

Xia Yuyao looked shocked at the corner of the stairs. She was willing to eavesdrop. She just bought Ling Mohan a hand warmer Paula sofa for her. She wanted to get it, but she heard the shocking news.
She always thought that she had been drunk with Ling Mohan, but she didn’t expect that she was drugged at that time. If Ling Mohan didn’t tell her mother today, she wouldn’t know.
At the beginning, they were several good friends who had dinner together, the wine table and the people who had dinner together were all familiar. Who would give her the medicine?
Thought of here, she felt the whole person was cold, and she didn’t want to believe that people around her would harm one of her own. She didn’t want to believe it.
"No … No …" She kept shaking her head in her heart and couldn’t accept the truth.
☆ Chapter 113 Discovery
Ling mo cold floor when he saw Xia Yuyao just sitting, he was so scared that he hurriedly picked her up.
Section 119
"What’s the matter with Yaoyao?" Ling Mohan was frightened by her actions. What happened in this short time? What did she hear again? But he just had a good chat with his mother, and her mother agreed to let them get married. He was just coming to share the good news with her, but she sat on the floor alone.
Xia Yuyao was stunned. She looked at Ling Mohan and was shocked. "Mohan, did you just say that I was drugged?"
Oh, my God. How did this happen? When she woke up, she was lying in a hotel bed, but she didn’t know anything about the drunken aftermath the night before, as if she had slept and had a nightmare.
Ling Mohan was also surprised. "You don’t know that you were drugged?"
Xia Yu Yaoyaoyaotou "I was drunk because I didn’t remember anything about that night when I woke up the next day. I should have been in a coma. I was too drunk to know anything."
Ling Mohan took her into the room and put her in bed before she was surprised. "I didn’t know you were so convinced. At that time, you were really unconscious. Besides being drugged, you were also given another medicine."
"Another medicine?" Xia Yuyao leng one, she doesn’t want to know what another medicine is said by Ling Mohan, which is probably an aphrodisiac.
Ling mo cold nodded "yes"
"How did that happen? How can this be? " Xia Yuyao couldn’t help crying when she thought of the scene at that time.
Ling Mohan lovingly took her into her arms. Judo "Well, I’m sorry that you know the situation. Over the years, I’ve been trying to find out who gave you the medicine at the beginning, but I didn’t know your name at that time, and Xiangyun Hotel closed its doors shortly after that incident. After I found you, I wanted to ask you personally and worried about opening your wound again. I thought that I would slowly heal your wound and ask about it later, but I didn’t expect that you were drunk."
Ling Mohan lovingly wiped away her tears and whispered, "Well, don’t cry. I won’t let anyone hurt you from now on."
约茶  title=Xia Yuyao buried her face in his arms and gradually stopped crying.
"F, you tell me who you were drinking with? How did you get so drunk? " Since she thought she was drunk, she was really drunk.
That memory was painful for Xia Yuyao, and she had to open the scar to recall it when she found out who had harmed her in those years.
"At that time, in order to celebrate our graduation, our dormitory and Qiao Zexi’s dormitory people met to drink together. At that time, there were a total of three roommates of Qiao Zexi and my roommate, Qian Xue Su Ling, and another girl, wu si wu si, who was a foreigner and went back to her hometown after graduation. We have never contacted wu si for so many years. We seldom communicate after school except the study room, which is a bubble museum. She should not hurt me."
"And Qiao Zexi, who was my boyfriend at that time, was even less likely to hurt me, and the three boys in his dormitory were all foreigners. After graduation, they went back to their hometowns. I really can’t find their motives for hurting me."
"Qianxue is even more impossible. The best person in this world is Qianxue. When I gave birth to a child, I had no income. It was Qianxue. Her salary subsidized me. Otherwise, I couldn’t get through that difficult time. Su Ling saved me. I don’t know …"
Xia Yuyao doesn’t know how to say that Su Ling will harm her, but she really can’t find Su Ling’s motive to harm her.
"What about the next day? Who was the first person you saw when you woke up the next day? " Ling mo cold asked
Xia Yuyao thought, "I woke up alone in the hotel and was scared. The first person to call Xue was scared when Xue received my words. She was also a little drunk when she left. She left before me. After all, I had Qiao Zexi at that time, so she was not worried that no one would take me back to school."
Xia Yuyao thought for a moment and added, "At that time, a group of us all drank a lot. Everyone was very happy because we graduated. Plus, at that time, Qiao Zexi proposed to me. For Zexi and I, it was a double happiness. Everyone booed and drank the two of us. At that time, we didn’t delay drinking. When the snow left, Zexi had an emergency at home. He left before and asked Su Ling to send me back to school. Su Ling and Qiao Zexi knew each other since childhood. What’s more, she and I were still good friends, so she readily agreed."
"After the incident, I went to Su Ling, Su Ling, and said that it was too late. She was worried that the two girls would be upset when they went back and she was drunk, so she opened a room for me at Xiangyun Hotel. She slept next door to me that night. She had no idea that someone would go into my room and do that to me."
Ling Mohan listened quietly when he heard that Qiao Zexi had proposed to Xia Yuyao. His heart was sour. If it hadn’t been for that, would Xia Yuyao have married Qiao Zexi?
If it weren’t for the man who harmed Xia Yuyao, it is estimated that he would never have made friends with Xia Yuyao in this generation. Why would he want to thank the culprit?
But no matter who hurt his woman, he must find out clearly and make him pay the price. Thinking about this, his eyes are getting cold.
He holds Xia Yuyao’s hand in judo. "I’ll get to the bottom of Yaoyao’s matter."
Xia Yuyao nodded "Good to you"
Although she made friends with Ling Mohan because of that incident and made her happy today, how much she was hurt by that incident at that time was not a personal experience.
At this moment, she really wants to know who killed her in those days. If she finds out the real murderer, she will definitely make the other party pay.
Xia Yuyao clenched his fist tightly and his eyes were full of firm light.
"Mo Han, did your mother go back?" Xia Yuyao remembered that it seemed too long for their building. She had been immersed in her thoughts just now and didn’t pay attention to listening to the car.
Ling Mohan nodded. "Well, I went back to Yaoyao. Although my mouth didn’t say anything, my mother has accepted you. She asked us to have a wedding. I want to give you a grand wedding."
Xia Yuyao said, "I don’t want to be too grand, just really."
"What?" Shouldn’t all women like to have a grand wedding? Just like a cloud of snow, Anchen gave her a prosperous wedding. He also wanted to give his woman a spectacular wedding like that.
"I don’t want to be famous." Xia Yuyao smiled. "Qianxue said that she always felt looked at when she was walking down the street. Those passers-by could not help but look at her more."
Ling Mohan laughed. "Well, Chen is a little high-profile, but online celebrity didn’t succeed because of this kind of thing. online celebrity is also happy. People in online celebrity will envy them."
Xia Yuyao sighed, "Chen Shao really loves Qianxue and can’t wait to give her the world."
"Baby, I want to be so good to you, and I can’t wait to give you the whole world." He looked at her and spoke affectionately.
Xia Yuyao nodded. "Yeah, I know, but I still like to keep a low profile. It’s really tiring to get married. Don’t bother me. Plus, my mother’s family has kicked me out of the house. I don’t have a normal wedding except snow."
Ling Mohan looked at her and asked softly, "Yaoyao, did your family drive you out of the house because of having a baby?"
It turned out that he had brought her so much suffering. If only he had found her earlier.
Xia Yuyao’s eyes flashed a trace of bitterness. She whispered, "Not really. My mother died when I was a few years old. Later, my father married his present wife, which is my stepmother. My stepmother gave birth to two sons for my father. My father was so happy that he couldn’t give her the whole world. When I was a child, my father was always busy doing business and didn’t accompany me. Our father and daughter didn’t have a good relationship. My stepmother often abused me secretly after she got married, but every time I complained to my father, my stepmother said that I didn’t like her. She said that I didn’t like Stepmother, so my dad believed me, and he was too busy to take care of me. He gave me to his stepmother to take care of me. When he came home, he saw that I didn’t have any wounds, so he was surprised. My stepmother often liked things that wouldn’t hurt my flesh to hit me. My dad didn’t believe me when I spoke, and he always said that I didn’t listen to my stepmother. "
"At that time, my life was really painful. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t come to this world and that home. Every day was a torment for me. Later, I went to junior high school and stayed in school. My father gave money to my stepmother every month to give me a life, but my stepmother often deducted my life and told my father that I spent too much behind my back because she always bought me clothes secretly and then put those new clothes in my closet. My father saw that there were many new clothes in my closet, and he suspected that I was taking my life to buy clothes, so he believed everything my stepmother said."
"Later, I went back to high school only once a month, and my stepmother gave me a living root, which was not enough for me to eat enough. At that time, it was very difficult for me to eat a meal. I was also laughed at by my classmates. They all said that I was stingy and dressed in famous brands, but God knows how much I hated those famous brands, but I couldn’t help dressing because all my clothes were bought by that woman. She just wanted me to wear those famous brands to learn, and then she wouldn’t let me eat enough. It’s really cruel to know that a person has to fill his stomach and wear good clothes. That woman is very good at acting in front of my dad. When she was in front of my dad, she bought me those famous brands and clothes. She was reluctant to buy them for her two sons. My dad naturally liked her more and more when he saw that she was so kind to me. Every time I complained, he said that I didn’t understand, so I stopped complaining afterwards. No one believed me. "
"I studied hard and tried hard to get into a university far away from home. Later, I got into a university and finally got away from home. When I went to college, I had to rely on my part-time job to barely eat."
"After college, I can say that I got rid of that family. Although it is a bit bitter, it is also self-reliant and I don’t know how many times stronger than that family."
"I was going to keep out of touch with them, and I didn’t go home after graduation. Later, four months after graduation, my dad felt strange when he saw that I hadn’t been home. The woman who came to the city to see me personally came with him. The woman’s eyes were poisonous. She saw at a glance that I was pregnant, and then she cried in front of my dad and said that she didn’t discipline me well."
"My dad was so angry that he had to pull me to abort the child. At that time, the child was formed. How can I be willing to abort? I resolutely refused to bite and scold my father at the doctor, saying that if I didn’t abort the baby, I would cut off my father and daughter. I and his father and daughter had already lost me. Of course, the so-called "they went home angrily" and we have never been connected since then. "
Ling Mohan listened to Xia Yuyao’s experience and felt that her heart was going to be broken. How much did this woman suffer from me?
He didn’t expect that there would be such an insidious and cunning woman in this world who bought her a famous brand but didn’t give her enough food. How vicious was her mind to think of such a way to abuse a child? If it’s not illegal to kill people, he must find that woman at once and wring her neck directly. It’s too much.
He lovingly took her into his arms and judo "I will be doubly good to you after Yaoyao"