Su Mo cold hum a don’t want to let Du Li too complacent thinking to walk from the rooftop, but at this time Su Mo heard a woman melody nowadays "Luo Shao, please be gentle … I can’t stand it."

Luo Shao? Why does this name sound familiar? Su Mo frowned and walked over. Su Mo felt a little sick when he saw a man and a woman hugging together.
Is this man sick? You wouldn’t get a room? Still think this rooftop scenery is good? Su Mozhen hates this kind of man with a long brain, which is why Su Mo is willing to marry Mo Sina because Su Mo thinks Mo Sina has stronger self-control than ordinary men.
Simply from rejecting the naked Du Li, Su Mo can give full marks to Mo Sina.
Of course, this is also because Su Mo doesn’t like Du Li in his heart, but this man in front of him … Su Mo doesn’t like it more. How can he be a poor man if he really comes here? You can’t help it, just get a room! What the hell is going on on the rooftop?
Su Mo was about to leave when he was about to leave with a sad breath, only to see the man raise his head and wipe his mouth with a bad smile.
Luo Ruixi! What a narrow way to go!
"Remember that mom doesn’t want to listen to her aunt, go to bed late and go to bed early, don’t eat too much food, don’t watch too many tablets, it’s not good for her eyes …" Wen Ya is just like telling her own funeral, and her attitude is a little long-winded now.
"Knowing mom," Ozawa was not impatient and even comforted his mother. "Mom, does your business trip mean that your position has risen?"
Wen Ya didn’t dare to tell her son that she was going to a remote town to do a data survey, because Ozawa was young but he was still very sensitive. Wenya was afraid to tell her son the truth and she would be worried.
"Well should be! It won’t be long before my mother can move to a big house with Ozawa. "Wen Ya still takes care of his emotions when he speaks.
Ozawa frowned and looked a little skeptical. "No, I don’t want a big room. I want my mother to be able to be with me anywhere."
Wen Ya’s heart ached when she heard her son say this, and her tears almost fell for so many years. If Ozawa hadn’t accompanied her, she would probably have insisted on not coming. Ozawa was not a drag on her, but a significance for her to live.
Wen Ya took a deep breath and comforted her son with a smile. "Don’t worry, everything will be fine, but mom doesn’t. You must remember to listen to your aunt these days." Aunt Wen Ya asked to take care of Aunt Ozawa because she was always at home and worried that she couldn’t take care of Ozawa.
Although she spends a lot of money every month, she doesn’t want Ozawa to feel lonely at home alone
When Wen Ya told Ozawa, Wen Ya’s words rang. She took a look at it to show that she didn’t want to answer the call from Mo Sina so late. Why?
Wenze has always been very good at observing words and feelings. At this time, when he saw that his mother looked wrong, Ozawa must have asked, "Is that uncle?"
"The uncle?" Because Ozawa’s tone is too positive, Wen Ya is a little dumbfounded
"It’s the handsome uncle who helped us out and bought me a lot of toys. It’s a good uncle." Ozawa really wants to be the uncle who looks like himself, but in his mother’s words, his father has gone to be a hero
"Are you a good uncle because you bought a lot of toys?" Wen Ya felt vaguely amused at his own theory.
Ozawa shook his head. "It’s not just like this, mom. I don’t know what it is to see that uncle feel inexplicable and trustworthy." That’s true. Ozawa always has a feeling of nostalgia when he sees Mo Sina.
Wen Ya leng a look embarrassed, so it sounds like Ozawa is ink Sina child, but it’s a pity that it’s over, right?
"Mom, that uncle called again. Oh, don’t you answer it? Mom, are you running from this uncle? Is this uncle after your mother that you won’t answer the phone? Before those who want to pursue the mother’s uncle called, my mother didn’t pick up any of them. "Ozawa’s little devil saw through Wen Ya’s mind at a glance.
Wen Ya some shan shan "is not the pursuit of department …"
"Why doesn’t that mother answer the phone?" Ozawa seems to be a real question. Wen Ya didn’t know that Ozawa had silently said, "Uncle, I can help you here."
Wen Ya saw that if she kept escaping, she would let her son continue to suspect that Wen Ya didn’t want her son to be too entangled with Mo Sina anyway … But she had already said that if she escaped again … Wen Ya Nai could walk aside and pick up the words "hello".
Ozawa looked at his mother and had something to say behind her back, but he couldn’t help laughing. Today, Ozawa watched a TV play and saw what was said in it, that fathers knew each other by their looks.
Ozawa was a little suspicious, and it happened that it was broadcast to the news of ink Sina again. Ozawa stared at ink Sina for a long time and wondered if he was a child of ink Sina.
Because they are somewhat similar in appearance.
But he remembered that his mother said that his father was a hero … Well, he was a hero, wasn’t he? There is one thing Ozawa can’t understand, that is, how could such a good uncle lose them?
Section 1
品茶论坛"Why did you answer the phone so late?" Ink Sina tone is somewhat dissatisfied and doesn’t feel that talking now is disturbing Wen Ya.
Wen Ya frowned. "This is what I do in class. I don’t need to explain to you, do I?" Ink Sina now seems to be getting wider and wider.
Chapter 40 I can accept him as my father
Ink SiNa choked by Wen Ya words some shan shan, he wanted to ask if there is a man around … But this assumption he thought about all feel uncomfortable! Thinking of Wen Ya and other men … No, he can’t think about going again.
"Mr. Mo, it’s so late. What’s the matter with your call?" This is her private number class, and it’s her own time. Isn’t this too reckless? Or ink Sina heart and thought of what torture Wen Ya move? This moment Wen Ya felt somewhat uncomfortable in his heart.
Even though the two of them have broken up, but in the end … Once mutual affection is still? What ink Sina attitude to her can be so rude?
Is it a lie to say that business is not righteous?
Wen Ya frowned but heard Mo Sina’s so-called attitude. "I’m checking whether you have enough vigilance. Can’t I be a member after work?"
This reason ….. I really don’t know how ink Sina said it. Why is he so naive now? Wen Ya frowned but didn’t say much. "If you are all right, I’ll hang up first and I’ll put Ozawa to sleep." She has hinted that ink Sina hopes that it will converge when it is private.
Can let Wen Ya feel a little consternation is when ink Sina heard that she was going to coax Ozawa to sleep, there was some depressing atmosphere, but it was transient. Some ink Sina smiled and said, "I won’t bother you if I want to coax Ozawa to sleep well." Ink Sina hung up directly without Wen Ya’s consent.
Wen Ya hold mobile phone face expression very language really Wen Ya don’t know much about ink Sina exactly what meaning or is this simply a harassment?
After ink Sina hangs up, it’s a face of satisfaction. How can he tell Wen Ya that he wants to talk to Wen Ya? Some are eager to hear Wen Yayin. Ink Sina is not good at saying such melodramatic words, but he doesn’t confess. The whole person’s behavior looks a little silly.
Wen Ya hesitated for a moment and shook his head, but Wen Ya turned around and saw Ozawa’s look. "Is it work for uncle to find you so late?"
People are little kids! Ozawa guessed what his mother would say and deliberately asked.
Wen Ya’s face was a little hot. She was embarrassed to give a hand. "Yes, it’s work. Uncle means going on a business trip tomorrow …" Wen Ya chose to lie, otherwise she wouldn’t let it go.
"Really?" Ozawa nodded his head a little. "But why do I feel that my uncle is like a very caring mother?"
Uh, it’s all an illusion! Do you know what that beast did to your mother? That’s how you suffer at your age! Mom didn’t tell you because mom was protecting you.
Wen Ya made up a lot of brain after watching Ozawa speak again. "He is the director of Ozawa."