Sister Luo smiled, "Maybe this is your fate."

"Fate detoxifies and pays attention to fate." Shui Yunjin is puzzled.
"You don’t ask, then you will know that you take good care of yourself." Sister Luo got up and walked out of the room.
Shuiyunjin just sat there motionless, and her heart suddenly gave birth to some uneasiness, but it was not white.
Another day, Shuiyanhui and his wife came to Beijing to meet the mother and daughter out of the city in person. Naturally, Mrs. Shuiyanhui was so happy that she looked at Shuiyunjin and smiled from ear to ear.
I came to Shuiyun Park to arrange for my parents to live in Hou Fu. The old prince personally sent someone to pick me up. It is more lively to live together. I am afraid that Shuiyun Park will also live in Hou Fu.
The weather is getting hotter and hotter, but in Yunge Waterfront, it is like spring all the year round, with green lake, bamboo forest, peach blossom forest, towering ancient trees, cool breeze and fragrant vegetation and fruit.
On this day, the general’s family came to Lanwangfu, Shuiyanhui and General Gu, the dozens of brothers who had never seen each other. Naturally, there were endless words, and Mrs. Shuiyunjinshui and others all sat in the waterside pavilion to have tea and chat.
Not long after, I saw Ji Qing coming from the suspension bridge. "The princess report is back and there is still half an hour to enter the city."
Shui Yunjin smiled, "I know we are all waiting for him."
JiQing looked up at "the report said"
"What did he say? It’s not that he wants me to go out of the city to meet him personally." Shuiyunjin tunnel at will.
Ji Qing’s face was pleased. "The princess’s report is indeed a heart-to-heart. That’s what the report said. If you enter the city, you can see the princess. He will wake up laughing when he sleeps."
Shui Yun Jin suddenly said, "This is his exact words."
"Back to the princess is really can’t say such a thing" JiQing nodded.
Sitting on one side, Mrs. Shui and Gu Chenxi couldn’t help laughing. Even Zi Xia and those maids like Qin couldn’t help laughing. This pendulum is to want to see Shuiyunjin earlier, so it’s really amazing that a big man has such a heart.
Shuiyunjin listened to the smiles and blushed slightly, thinking that the man is really getting more and more beautiful. Forget it.
"Yunjin will go quickly, so as not to sleep at night." Gu Chenxi quipped.
"It’s melodramatic to leave home for so long, but let him come back quickly." Shuiyun Park reprimanded him.
JiQing suddenly little dream a quiver comely yan some twist with "princess this is dare not"
"Well, you can pick up Da ‘er. You must miss him for so long." Mrs. Water smiled with relief, suspection.i Da meant that her daughter was the happiest.
"Mom, he did it on purpose." Shuiyun Hibiscus pie mouth
"Niang certainly knows that it’s also a matter of love between Lao Er and his wife." Mrs. Shui said, and she lifted Shuiyunjin up and pushed her to go outside.
Anyway, her mother has long been confused by the face and mouth of Huangfuda.
JiQing suddenly laughed at this face. It’s okay. It’s finally a job to report.
"The princess’s carriage is ready and waiting outside the house."
夜生活Shuiyunjin raised his eyebrows and saw his one eye. It’s true that Huangfudi’s close friend has a master and a servant.
It was less than two cups of tea when Shuiyunjin drove the city gate in a carriage.
"The princess is about five miles away," said Ji Qing beside the carriage.
Inside, Shuiyunjin didn’t say anything for a moment. A tender white hand opened the curtain. "I’ll wait for him, so he’d better see it at a glance."
Ji Qing snickered, "It turns out that Wang Hao is also very distressed by Wang Ye."
ShuiYunJin eyes a stare "you are really your prince intimate little cotton-padded jacket"
JiQing immediately silent hanging his head don’t say anything.
Shuiyunjin drove the carriage with Zi Xia’s strength. At this time, it was the evening sunset, and the sunset glow lit up half the sky.
Shuiyunjin looked at the lush outside the city and slowly walked towards the outside.
However, when a column of incense smells like hooves ringing in the distance, it seems that many people are coming.
Shuiyunjin raised her eyebrows and heard the sound of "Sister Sister" before she saw the figure.
Shuiyunjin knew earlier that Huangfuda had gone to Beijin, and when he came back, he would leave Chenchen. Otherwise, he would definitely follow.