"Mom, it’s almost the New Year, and I’ll let someone pick you up and go back to Hou Fu. Our family of three will have a reunion year, okay?" Shuiyunjin wants to comfort Mrs. Shui, who is sad now

Mrs. Shui nodded. "Go back and live a good life with Lao Er. Niang can see that Lao Er regards you as a pearl. It is not easy for a woman to find a man who loves you so much. Don’t be too spontaneous."
Shuiyunjin nodded, "Mom and Dad should take care of themselves."
No matter how hard you give up, you will eventually separate.
Shuiyunjin saw Huangfuda accompany her parents when she got into the carriage. After a while, the carriage finally left.
I finally returned to Beijing in the evening after two days without stopping.
"Miss, are we going back to Hou Fu or not?" The carriage was only filled with Shuiyun Park and Zi Xia Zi Xia, and the sound was not lowered. Outsiders could hear it clearly.
"Back to Houfu" Shuiyunjin faint sound.
Riding a horse Huangfuda didn’t say what is the eyes looked at LingXiaoYao deeply.
LingXiaoYao didn’t seem to hear the general complexion as usual.
So a line of people back to Hou Fu Huangfuda will certainly follow to the water cloud hibiscus doesn’t even have a silk surprise.
LingXiaoYao just returned to Hou Fu when he was taken into the palace, saying that LingGuoLai people.
It was dark, and Huangfu Kun came in a hurry, but Shuiyun Park knew exactly what he would say, so she said something casually, and it made no sense to say it again.
Imperial palace imperial house
"The emperor’s coming here is to serve my emperor’s will. I hope that the emperor can grant the marriage decree as soon as possible. I hope that Princess Hibiscus can go to Lingguo as soon as possible. If the emperor agrees, I want to invite Princess Hibiscus back to Lingguo to welcome the New Year." The minister of Lingguo was in the hall.
Now the emperor’s face is a little heavy, and now this matter has risen to the top priority of the two countries, so he can’t refuse, and he can’t just promise that Youshui Yunjin is safe for the whole next year in Yangcheng. How can he force her not to do anything? But now Ling Guohuang is so anxious that he can’t think of a good way to refuse. If he refuses, the two countries will definitely be at war again. If he agrees, he will be an emperor like goodbye to old Wang Shuhe Huangfuda.
Ling Xiaoyao sat on a big chair and never spoke. It took him a long time to listen to his gentle and light voice, "I discussed this matter with Hibiscus."
The emperor’s eyes narrowed. "Then Ting Yun Hibiscus means it. I will support her whatever decision she makes."
This has been said very white, and the result depends on the attitude of Shuiyun Park.
Minister Ling Guo was reluctant at once, but he didn’t dare to refute them, so he put up with it.
LingXiaoYao nodded and then went out of the imperial room with the minister of Lingguo.
"You have done so much in the temple to welcome Princess Yunjin back to Lingguo." Minister Lingguo was puzzled.
"What does father want to do?" LingXiaoYao sound a little heavy.
When the minister looked tight, he sighed that he still knew their emperor in Taidian. "Back to the temple, the emperor already knew the identity of Princess Yunjin and that she was Lan."
约茶"That’s like" LingXiaoYao interrupt.
"The emperor really flew into a rage and said that you were too expensive for Ling Guotai. A married woman lost Ling Guoyan’s face in front of heaven and man, and asked you to return to China immediately. If you really value this hibiscus princess, the emperor understands your sex and says that he can promise to let you take her back to China, which is a toffee’s name."
After all, the minister is awkward. The emperor loves the Tai Temple. If it were changed, the emperor would have done such a big wrong. I’m afraid the emperor would have been punished.
"I’m too good at marrying my own woman, and it must be a toffee’s mind. I’ll let my father do it at his own will. If he doesn’t agree, please ask him to set up another wife." Lingxiaoyao’s voice is still light but it serves to show anger
"Think twice about the temple" How can the minister easily export such words as "The temple must not act impulsively"? You are the emperor’s most proud son, and Ling Guo thinks that you are too dressed in a stable country. You must not be arrogant. The temple has this intention. The emperor has already guessed "
Ling Xiaoyao didn’t say anything. If he knew his father, he knew that man best. Tonight, both of them tried to see who could hold their breath better.
The minister looked up at Ling Xiaoyao and said, "The emperor finally said that if the temple had to go against his will, it would do something that satisfied him, and he also said that the temple should return to China immediately."
LingXiaoYao feet abrupt paused his obsidian black eyes staring at the night didn’t say anything for a long time, he finally moved is still unhurried.
The minister watched LingXiaoYao leave and hurriedly wiped his forehead. He knew that this was already agreed. The imposing manner of their ancestral temple was by no means acceptable to ordinary people.
The next morning, the marriage between the two countries in the palace and outside the palace was decided, and Shuiyunjin was leaving Changyong and so on.
Huangfuda’s face looks pale to the extreme since he got the news. People dare to approach him three feet away for fear of freezing to death.
Shuiyunjin smiled when she heard it, but she didn’t feel at ease.
"Where is Ling Xiaoyao?"
"Ling Tai entered the palace early in the morning and should be back soon," Zi Xia answered.
Shuiyunjin looked at the pond in the courtyard and the water became deeper and deeper.
Half an hour later, Ling Xiaoyao came, looking different in the past. I can see that he has come to talk to her.
Until LingXiaoYao stone bench sitting opposite two people who also didn’t speak.
"Why don’t you ask me when I will return home?" LingXiaoYao smiled at Shuiyunjin.
"Now it’s only a few days before the Chinese New Year. You can still catch the reunion night if you go back now." Shuiyunjin also smiled at him.
Ling Xiaoyao suddenly raised an eyebrow. "There are some words that I don’t say you already have an idea, not that you know me, but that you know what you want."
Shui Yunjin blinked. If Ling Xiaoyao had to say so, she would have said many things that she couldn’t control. The only thing she could do was to control herself:
Chapter 14 ShuiYunJin mind
"I’m leaving today. Take care of yourself. I want to stay here with you all the time, but I know it will be difficult for you. Yunjin, I’ll deal with it when I give it to you. Maybe you think all this is so-called that you have your own plans, but I also said that I won’t let you leave me. There are some things you can’t control about life and death. I never thought about letting go and I won’t give you another chance to back down."
Ling Xiaoyao’s eyes are very clear when he looks at Shuiyunjin, but no one can hear the momentum in his words. The persistence and strength in it are desperate and predatory.
Shuiyunjin looked as usual with a smile until Ling Xiaoyao left Shuiyunjin’s face and smile gradually dissipated. She had warned that this day would begin when he suddenly appeared like a patron saint that night, but now he told her in vain that he would not let go.
In her words, Bai Ling Xiaoyao meant that if the marriage between the two countries was a proper plan at the beginning, it is now an established fact, and it is not up to her to say that it has changed a little carelessly, that is, the two countries are at war again.
But at that time, she couldn’t refuse Ling Xiaoyao Cong, but she wasn’t stupid either. If she didn’t agree at that time, Ling Xiaoyao could attack Yangcheng the next year, and it was as easy to force the marriage between the two countries. At that time, there would be no refusal. Maybe Changyong could be her, and she would never be sitting here like this.
But she never thought about going to Lingguo, and she never thought about his toffee status. If she was forced to abandon Huangfuda at that time, she would rather be forced to endure everything, and she wouldn’t let the emperor be implicated in Huangfuda, Wangfu, and she wouldn’t see her last appearance. She wouldn’t give Lingxiaoyao a chance to threaten her again.
It’s been almost a year since she came here so suddenly. This year has changed so fast that she has been working hard all the time, but it is impossible to spend the rest of her life with Huangfuda safely.
"Miss Ling Taitai" Zi Xiayin interrupted Shuiyunjin’s thoughts, and when she looked up again, she saw that it was Huangfuda’s light face. She looked at him and Tsinghua frowned slightly, and the corners of her mouth suddenly raised "I won’t go to Lingguo to rest assured."
"I know, but my heart is still very uncomfortable." Huangfuda’s tone is not so good.
Shuiyunjin’s mouth is smiling. How can a proud and overbearing man like Huangfuda endure his own woman to marry into someone else’s toffee? No matter whether it’s rumors in Beijing or Ling Xiaoyao, it’s unbearable for him to appear under his nose every day, but maybe he really loves himself too much. Maybe for such a long time, he has been trying to resolve the marriage between the two countries, such as letting her return to Lanwangfu to be the former princess of the county and now the princess of Rong.
She knew that it was difficult for him, but it also gave him a big problem. This problem not only trapped her, trapped Ling Xiaoyao, but also bound him to break free. He endured until the right time and was desperate
"I have never blamed you for fighting in Chang Yonglan Palace. You gave me the burden of Beijing and put me in danger. I have never blamed you. I am afraid that I will bear your great trust. All kinds of decisions are made by me. No one forced me to resolve the crisis in Beijing and bring peace to the border between the two countries. I am also a Lanwangfu person, just like you thought. All the grandchildren of Huangfu family should stop talking about you and me. Everyone should have their own responsibilities. You are me, too."
"I won’t give you up, never. I’ll think of a way. You don’t have to worry. You have to think about following me closely." Huangfuda Shuiyunjin squatted in front of her like a jade hand and caressed Shuiyunjin’s cheeks as white as porcelain.
Shuiyunjin nodded heavily. At this moment, she really wanted to follow him and not think about anything.
Huangfuda embraced Shuiyunjin in her arms, and it was rare for them to be calm and peaceful.
I don’t know how long it took to see the steward coming from the outside. "Miss Huang invites you into the palace."
ShuiYunJin should suspection.i da also released her.