Lin Ya looked up and looked around. The auction house was approaching, but strangely, the person who asked her over never came.

I haven’t seen any of Chang S and his secret.
Lin Ya took out his mobile phone screen and didn’t miss it.
She sighed with some frustration.
Listen to Lu Yuan and ask, "What’s the matter?"
Lin Ya shook his head and said, "Nothing."
Xu Ran had already seen them, but when he found them, he was called by Han Cheng Li.
I spoke to him a few words, and the auction had already started, so she gave up the idea of finding Lin Ya and Liu Yuan.
After taking a seat, Lin Ya looked at the guests again, but there was still no one she wanted to see.
Taiwan has shot two things in a row, with 1.5 million and 2 million transactions respectively.
The third thing is that a kind-hearted person donated an inkstone.
When the host introduced Lin Ya, she didn’t catch it clearly because she thought that Master Mu seemed to be interested in these things.
Lin Ya thought that she had to take the man’s money to flush the facade, so she had to shoot something real for him …
So the host has knocked the hammer for 4 million for the second time. When she raised her hand, she added the price tag "4.2 million!"
Her play is bound to attract many people’s attention.
Soon someone remembered that she was Muchuan’s ex-wife, whispering and disdaining.
桑拿会所  title=Some people even bluntly said that she was shameless to show off with her ex-husband’s money.
Lin Ya calmly listened to those sounds and watched the host hammer down.
Then the inkstone that she didn’t know was successfully delivered to her at present.
After finishing the superficial work, she was too lazy to pay attention to this activity.
Taking out her mobile phone, she is hesitating whether to send a secret message to the leader.
The message hasn’t been sent smoothly yet, and finally a message came from her side.
After Miss Lin’s charity banquet, please move to Room 147, vip Suite on the top floor of the hotel.
Lin Ya gave back a good word after reading it.
The final auction of the party was won by Mu Yicheng for a painting at a price of 1,200.
Lin Ya doesn’t know how to draw. She took one look and didn’t look again.
Section 25
After the break, she asked Xu Ran to send Liu Yuan back to the top floor.
At that time, Mu Yicheng asked the driver to send Tang Ying back and stayed at the banquet site.
So he clearly saw Lin Ya take the stairs and go upstairs.
His assistant had told him that Li Yunkui had quietly come here when the auction was just held.
She doesn’t want to go now, and he knows who she is going to see.
Room 147 on the top floor
Lin Ya knocked at the door and went in to see a man with his back to her window.
They had met before when david came to Z. She recognized the person in front of him almost at a glance.
She and he are close friends, but Li Yunkui really gives people a very easy-going feeling. She doesn’t have that kind of height and can’t meet again. She somehow feels kind.
The door politely greets "Hello Mr. Li"
Li Yunkui is wearing casual clothes today. He turned around and looked at the people at the door and said gently, "Miss Lin, don’t be stiff on the sofa. We have seen it several times and are not so welcome."
"Thank you" Lin Ya sofa sat with both hands and took his tea.
Actually, she was nervous before she entered the room, but after meeting, her mind suddenly calmed down.
She can probably guess the reason why he asked her to meet. Recently, Kyoto has made more and more sincere statements about wanting him to meet her at this time, and he can’t get away from that person.
There is one thing she really can’t figure out. Why didn’t he go to Muchuan directly but wanted to find her?
Li Yunkui didn’t rush to say that, but she longed for her parents’ physical condition first. Lin Ya didn’t go back, but the parents still knew about it.
So he smiled and answered his questions one by one.
After this topic, Li Yunkui suddenly fell silent and sighed, "I have already made an appointment with Muchuan before, but our conversation is not pleasant. Please forgive me for intruding on Miss Lin today."
Lin Yaxiu’s eyebrows can’t help but pick. Have they already met? I’ve never heard of that man.
So is this deeper? She guessed that he was looking for her to test Muchuan and Mu Yicheng.
Then she smiled. "Mr. Li is welcome. Muchuan has been busy with his charity recently. You know that he has been contributing to these things in Kyoto. I don’t need to say anything more."
Li Yunkui laughed. "Miss Lin, is this his escape?"
Lin Ya nodded noncommittally and said frankly, "Although we are divorced, that man is ok. I don’t think I need to explain to Mr. Li whether Mu Yicheng is Mu Yicheng or not. If Mr. Li is looking for me to test them tonight, I’m afraid you will be disappointed."
"Ha ha" Who knows that Li Yunkui laughed instead of being annoyed.
About two hours after the long conversation.
She just came out of Li Yunkui’s room.