Muchuan pondered over the answer and really should explain that the old man was worried and followed suit.

Hang up. Tang Wan has come from the building.
After a night’s rest, her feet are a little flexible.
After eating, Muchuan told her about it.
Tang Wan didn’t reject going back with him as much as before, considering that the old lady and master really shouldn’t worry about her at this age.
Muchuan took her out, and Tang Wan could not help but say, "Sorry to have caused you a lot of trouble."
She seems to owe him too much, and they have always been involved since that night.
The man glanced at the woman beside him, frowning, and didn’t like her polite attitude.
Mu Chuan couldn’t help but wake up when the bus was approaching the destination. "The old lady doesn’t know that you don’t want to get engaged."
Tang Wan turned to look at him and knew that he wanted to cooperate with him.
按摩After a moment’s hesitation, he said, "I know."
However, it was Qin Xuan before Tang Wan and Muchuan.
Qin Mu’s two families used to be neighbors, and they were still close. She often came to see the old lady and master from time to time.
Mu Jia’s parents know that she also had the idea of fixing Mu Chuan’s mind, but that’s too stubborn! Later, I didn’t think about it.
Thinking about Sichuan and Tang Wan coming over today, I’m afraid that the girl’s face is unnatural.
I was wondering what reason to send people away, and Mrs. Mu came over, which was different from the cold attitude.
Today, she actually asked Qin Xuan to stay for dinner.
It’s not polite for the old lady to admire some nai’s, and it’s not good for her to say that it’s too polite to let people go back when they eat.
The old lady knows better than anyone what her daughter-in-law thinks. In the past, she felt that this Qin girl was not worthy of Sichuan’s indifference. Now, by contrast, she feels that Qin Xuan is better than Tang Wan’s enthusiasm.
The old lady sighed secretly and went to the room to find the master.
Qin Xuan sat on the sofa and chatted with Mrs. Mu and learned that Muchuan was coming back with Tang Wan. His face changed and his words seemed to recognize that Mrs. Mu had no good impression on Tang Wan and his heart was slightly balanced.
"I’m going to make a message."
Qin Xuan went out holding the words for about ten minutes before he came back in.
At that time, the roads in Muchuan and Tang Wan were somewhat blocked, and it took almost half an hour to get to Taohuajian.
Before they got to the bus, they saw a group of reporters swarming in!
Mu Chuan consciously protected the woman next to him. The reporter repeatedly asked, "Mr. Mu, what do you think of yesterday’s news?"
"Miss Tang, are you really stepping on more than one boat as reported?"
"Miss Tang, what do you think of your comments on easy virtue?"
One, everyone is sharp and aggressive!
Muchuan cold face denounced "enough? Is this the function of the media? Is it sirs’ accomplishment to exaggerate the truth without investigating it? !”
There was a short silence at the scene for a moment, and you still had the cheek to give up. "Mr. Mu, this is a sign that you are so excited at the moment. Does it mean that the report is true? !”
Word games reverse black and white. Mu Chuan thinks he is inferior to these people!
Tang Wan even knew that it was not their opponent who simply didn’t open his mouth and sneer. He took the microphone from the male reporter who had just spoken.
"Did your wife cheat? I think it must have been an affair. Otherwise, how can you be so clear about this after-the-fact behavior? And impose your ideas on others! This kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder generally has experienced people to do this! "
Section 17
The male reporter pointed at her nose and said, "You are talking nonsense!"
Clear a sneer from the topic to "see you don’t become angry from embarrassment? ! So your wife is definitely derailed! "
The man was blocked by her speechless, and Tang Wan added, "This is your absurd logic just now. How are you happy? Excited? What do you think of your wife’s cheating news! "
A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye, she will be disdainful in the past!
The girl glanced at the group sarcastically and asked coldly, "What else do you want to say and know? ! Or do you still want to sneak over and ask questions like him and go back to take care of your wife and husband! "
That man was smashed by Tang Wan for the first time, and now he won’t stop there.
"Tang’s daughter’s quality turned out to be like this, regardless of shame, going to the hotel to seduce men and being rough with reporters. I’m really knowledgeable! Day I will make you a headline … "
Before he finished speaking, Tang Wan "biu"-
The microphone in the girl’s hand hit his cheek by mistake, and suddenly bright red blood flowed!
At the scene, everyone was stunned and then criticized.
Tang Wan roared in the noise, "I didn’t waste your money to give me these unwarranted charges!"