This man just can’t talk well!

She pinched his waist gently and trotted into the back room.
Meng Yichen lips slightly satisfied smile.
In the room
Meng Yijie sat on the sofa and saw Meng Yichen come in with a smile on her face and handed him the hair dryer.
Meng Yichen some nai looked at her and walked beside her and took the hair dryer.
Meng Yijieshu enjoyed "Brother, it is most comfortable for you to blow Xiao Jie’s hair"
Meng Yichen smiled, "What’s wrong with you today? You don’t need me to blow your hair on weekdays."
She pursed her lips and looked at him. "I just thought that when I saw my brother blowing her hair for Xiaoran’s sister today, I suddenly remembered that my former brother often blew her hair for Xiaojie."
Meng Yijie is the youngest in the family, and everyone loves her since childhood, and Meng Yichen is no exception. Not only Meng Fu Meng Mu regards her as the palm of her hand, but also Meng Yichen.
After blowing her hair, Meng Yijie waved her head and looked at Meng Yichen with a smile. "Ok, brother, go back to accompany Sister Xiaoran."
"Well, you go to bed early, too. You have classes."
"Well, I know!"
When Meng Yichen returned to her room, she saw the little man holding a magazine.
Say it’s reading a magazine, but if you take a closer look, the little people’s eyelashes quiver and their eyes twinkle, as if they were going to sleep but holding on.
Meng Yichen walked over and raised my hand and pulled out the magazine in her hand and put it aside.
Yin Anran didn’t really fall asleep. Even though it was light, she was still awake and looked at him with misty eyes. "You’re back."
She was so lovely that Meng Yichen leaned over and kissed her without saying anything.
"Well …"
The sudden kiss made Yin An wake up instantly.
He has the skill to kiss her, and after a while, she surrendered, and a pair of small hands tightly hugged his neck and responded to his kiss.
Who can remain calm when being kissed by a beloved woman?
Meng Yichen all reason instantaneous collapse a reflexive directly to her body.
He held her lips violently again.
A hearty and joyful love, two people’s body and mind have got the perfect fit.
Royal bar
Deafening music
Chu Ting was sitting alone. She had just finished drinking a glass of wine and gave her a second glass of wine when she saw a figure.
按摩The man happened to see her, too
Walking towards her with a smile on her face.
"How to find me to this bar? Good noisy "ChuTing eyebrows a slight frown.
The man smiled. "Aren’t all bars very noisy?"
"But this is more special."
The man chuckled and ordered two glasses of wine and glanced at Chuting’s heart. When Chuting’s heart was about to be delivered to his mouth, he reached out and took the glass away.
Chuting heart looked at him "what are you doing"
"Heart, this wine is not suitable for you."
I don’t know how this sentence touched Chu Ting’s heart. Chu Ting’s heart curled his lips. "What wine do you think is suitable for me, Shen Yanting?"
At this time, the wine was just ordered by Shen Yanting.
Shen Yanting picked up a cup and handed it to Chuting’s heart. "This cup is gentle and suitable for you."
Chu Tingxin took a look at the wine he handed me and suddenly smiled, "Is gentleness suitable for me?"
Shen Yanting knew that she was in a bad mood. "The last time you asked me to check things, I found some photos, but they were all photos of two people going in and out of restaurants and shops together. I felt no problem."
Shen Yanting put a brown paper bag on the table.
Chuting heart picked it up and took out the photos inside and looked at it.
It’s true that there are pictures of two people going in and out of restaurants and shops, but …
Chuting heart suddenly chuckled, "It seems that there is no problem, but even if it belongs to this restaurant, the number of times of going in and out of the store is not frequent."