It is said that the original ice is completely enveloped by a huge array law, and no matter who enters it, it will be influenced by the array law, and Zhenyuan’s mind will be greatly restricted, which makes the whole ice original smell strange.

Chu Yifeng is now if the original flight consumption of ice is ten times less than usual and the temperature is much slower.
In order to prevent the real yuan from consuming too much, Chu Yifeng and others decided to walk there. It is strange to say that when they were on the ice sheet, there was nothing wrong with it except that kind of pressure, but that kind of pressure always haunted Chu Yifeng’s heart.
The deeper you walk into the ice sheet, the greater the pressure. Chu Yifeng can’t help but inject more truth into the shield. At this moment, Miao Yuxi suddenly said, Brother Xiang, something is wrong?
Huh? Li Yuanxiang frowning slightly seems to have a bad feeling.
On the other hand, Jun Moxian also said, I also feel something is wrong. We have been to this ice field once or twice. Although I felt depressed before, I have never been so heavy like this.
Yes, I feel it, too, Miao Yuxi replied.
What’s the matter? Brother ChuYifeng looked at three people don’t understand and asked.
Do you feel a kind of pressure? You don’t idle looked around and asked ChuYifeng.
I felt it as soon as I entered the ice sheet.
But this time the pressure seems to be different. Let’s walk slowly and be careful, said Jun Mo.
So the four men propped up three shields and moved forward very slowly, looking around carefully while walking, always paying attention to the surrounding movements.
However, there was no abnormality along the way, but the shape pressure was getting bigger and bigger. Chu Yifeng’s shield had started flashing from time to time.
Everyone is nervous, even those who fix the truth in the fitting period can’t stand it. When people are tired, a bright light suddenly lights up in front of them. Chu Yifeng’s sight is so white that his eyes can’t be opened and closed, but when he wants to explore the gods, he can hardly spread out and reach the front four or five meters.
The strong light passed quickly. Chu Yifeng slowly opened his eyes and saw a crystal tower with a height of 10,000 meters. In the line of sight, the whole tower was made of translucent crystals. Perhaps it was too high. The crystal tower was not thick, but it looked a little thin like a pike piercing the sky, while the top of the crystal tower was flashing with dazzling light from a distance. At this time, the dazzling light of the tower reflected the whole tower as colorful as a fairyland.
The light at the top of the tower reflects the ice sheet and forms an aperture, which covers the whole tower like a conical enchantment. Just now, the strong light was circled by this light.
The best sign of leaving Thorn Star here is that it is transparent, but it is less conspicuous.
This is the Crystal Pavilion? ChuYifeng asked lightly
Yes, this is the Crystal Pavilion. Jun Mo sighed with emotion.
Then let’s go in, said Chu Yifeng. He was going to the Crystal Pavilion, but Jun Moxian and Li and Miao did not follow him.
ChuYifeng don’t understand looking back and asked brother, what’s wrong with you? Why not go?
Chu brothers are forbidden to fight privately in the Crystal Pavilion. Even if they know that you are here, they dare not do anything to you. You won’t be in danger. We won’t go in. Jun Mo said slowly with a smile.
Brother, you … Chu Yifeng also wanted to say something, but when he thought that Jun Mo was idle, all the good mountain people were opposed to Watchcity, how could he go back to Beiguxing with him? At the same time, it meant that Chu Yifeng’s face suddenly showed a little desert when he broke up with them.
Brother Chu, I’ll ask you one last time, are you willing to enter the pupil mountain? You don’t idle face than solemnly like the last spy.
品茶This ….. Chu Yifeng was embarrassed to refuse directly, but the look of indecision in his eyes was white and told you that he had decided.
Well, it’s not hard for you. Maybe you can’t make a decision yet, but after you know the truth about the fixtrue boundary that day, if you want to enter the good mountain of the pupil, you can come to the cool star to find me. This is my news jade slip. Said Jun Mo, don’t spare your jade slip to Chu Yifeng.
Chu Yifeng is a bit callous. He can’t say a word about the breath of jade slips. He knows that you must have something very important when you enter Thorn Star, but in order to send yourself away, he takes two fit masters to send this friendship together for thousands of miles. Chu Yifeng is faintly moved in his heart.
However, it’s not Chu Yifeng who is not idle and old. The wrinkles on his face seem to be deeper, but he still smiles and says, Brother Chu, I believe we will meet again. Remember, I’m not talking as you seem.
Brother, you can rest assured that I will be careful.
Chu brothers take care! Jun Moxian and Li and Miao said goodbye to Chu Yifeng respectively and then left along the original road.
Once again, people parted from Chu Yifeng’s heart. He didn’t like loneliness, but he always parted from his relatives, left Master, and his friends soared. It was never a taste to think about it when Feng Wanying was far away.
Alas ….. With a sigh of loneliness, Chu Yifeng stepped into the aperture to form an enchantment.
The enchantment seems that all the cold is blocked from the outside enchantment. Although it is also a world of ice and snow, it feels warm and harmonious, but that kind of pressure can’t be waved away and there is a growing feeling.
As soon as Chu Yifeng stepped into the aperture, he suddenly felt something move in the ring, but his heart flashed a little unclear, and he didn’t feel as if there was a person calling for others in front of the crystal pavilion!

1 snooping
There was no one around the Crystal Pavilion who seemed unusually quiet. After entering the ice, Chu Yifeng had not seen others, and it was no surprise. Now, after all, there is still one month before the end of the promotion examination, others generally will not come to the Crystal Pavilion so early.
Coming to the Crystal Pavilion, Chu Yifeng feels more like coming to the ice sculpture. Everything is glittering and translucent, flashing with color, but he turned around the Crystal Pavilion, but Chu Yifeng didn’t enter the gate of the Crystal Pavilion now, but when he wanted to explore the gods, he was bounced back as soon as he got close to the Crystal Pavilion.
Chu Yifeng made a slight move in his heart and took out three pieces of jade cards. When he sank into it, he already knew how to make jade cards and how to enter the Crystal Pavilion.
Seeing that Chu Yifeng put three jade cards of heaven, earth and man in place, he dropped three drops of Jingxue respectively, and Jingxue merged into the middle. In an instant, three jade cards suddenly lit up with a bright red light, and then three jade cards flew up and rotated with each other. Then Chu Yifeng injected a real yuan into the middle, and the three jade cards made a light sound Ding! Three jade cards were combined to form a triangular jade slip.