Well, I still have to sleep ~

Cover your ears with a soft pillow, and it will be fine. Zuo Tangtang smiled weakly and then fell asleep again.
Dead girl! Did you fall asleep again?
Mom, if you know the truth, try to accept it. Zuo Tangtang turned around again.
Get up and answer the phone!
Why is mom still yelling? She doesn’t know that her daughter will collapse in spirit!
Zuo Tangtang struggled hard with his arms around him.
mom! Who is talking? Sleepy eyes opened the door.
Immediately is a chestnut by his mother.
Su Orange said that your mobile phone was not turned on, so you called home.
桑拿Go and pick it up! Look at how you sleep. I really don’t know what to do after some day shift. I don’t know what to play after playing games in one day. Can you play in the game … Left mother has been talking to Zuo Tangtang and kept talking behind her.
Mom! Zuo Tangtang Nai turned around. Can I answer the phone first?
Go go also don’t know how Sue orange this child is working, ok …
Alas, mom really didn’t save two steps and Zuo Tangtang quickly picked up the words in one step.
orange ~
Left pig, you should not wake up, right?
No Zuo Tangtang’s smile is very false. She won’t expose her habits. If she knows, it means the whole world knows, okay?
What do you want to see me about so early in the morning? He rubbed his eyes and shed tears because of drowsiness. Zuo Tangtang yawned.
Ah, hello! It’s nine o’clock! Sue orange side is very protest.
Lazy looking at a watch is really oh good
I said you are hopeless. It’s Sue’s turn to listen to this cargo tone and know that it’s a lie to get up early.
Get down to business! Zuo Tangtang’s face is full of disgust. Why does this girl talk like a virtue with her mother?
Ahem, do you know what day it is today?
Listening to Su Orange’s transient tone, Zuo Tangtang also became serious. What day?
Class reunion!
Zuo Tangtang silent suddenly hysterical your ya forget I told you I don’t go, I don’t go, I don’t go! ! ! Why did you get this so early in the morning? It’s disturbing! ! !”
Sure enough, you just went to bed.
That … that you heard wrong. Zuo Tangtang refused to admit it. But why did you make a special call and ask me if I would go?
This is not to verify it again!
Verify didn’t me at a time! No! Go! Zuo Tangtang’s answer was unusually firm.
Don’t you want to see those people who used to laugh and cry together?
The words fell into silence for a second, but then came Zuo Tangtang’s socalled smile, I don’t want to, I don’t want to, they still want to leave memories, so it’s better to see them, and then they will be shattered.
Don’t you want to see …? Sue orange hesitate to ask.
However, before the words were uttered, Zuo Tangtang severely interrupted Su Orange!
I’m me. Don’t you want to see me again ~ Su Orange instantly changed her tone and laughed.
You give me a fruity roll we are not can’t see each other! You are not all back!
What’s with your disdainful tone? I’ll punish you in a couple of days!
Well, let’s talk about it when you have it, Zuo Tangtang replied lazily.
Hey, forget it, you lazy bastard, go back to sleep! Su orange can’t do anything about this pig.
Oh, bye bye. Zuo Tangtang hung up without hesitation.
Isn’t this girl too simple to hang up? The other end of the orange is full of words.
Zuo Tangtang went back to his room like a wandering soul to see if he could make an appointment with his son for another week, but his left mother followed him in.
It’s a pity that Zuo Tangtang touched the pillow and turned his head.
You this wench is Sue orange let you go to play, why don’t you go? Every day, I know that I’m an adult in my stuffy home and I’m playing with my brain all day. My left mother nagged while she was covered with a new tan.
Mom! Zuo Tangtang lied with his eyes open. Su Orange said that several friends went to drink together. If you want me to go, I will go!
Drink! Left mother froze and immediately gave a panic then don’t go! Girls are the last to drink! I can’t go with my friends! But how did Su Orange learn to drink?
The left mother is full of doubts
Zuo Tangtang didn’t feel guilty for framing others, but quickly opened the game instead of answering the left mother’s question.
[Private Chat] Mu Yun is idle about our hooves and hooves. ? ? /~
[private chat] pig’s trotters are stewed. Yes ~
Just as Zuo Tangtang was about to say two sentences, the left vowel suddenly came. I said, girl, why are you giggling at the brain? Is it hard to fall in love online?