Words fall JiCancan Huo Ran looked up and she stared at Shen Sixun’s eyes and lips slightly parted. Now she is a little afraid of Shen Sixun. He is too calm to JiCancan. They really don’t have a gap.

I wish I could go back alone, and you are too busy to accompany me.
Shen Sixun evoked a lip angle and smiled a little closer. He leaned over and gently encircled JiCancan.
Do you blame me for not going to the hospital with you?
He seems to feel JiCancan’s resistance, but he doesn’t know it. It’s a strange feeling. The more he wants to stay away, the more he can’t help approaching.
Have you taken care of the construction site? The families of the injured
Yeah, almost.
Before JiCancan could finish his words, Shen Sixun interrupted her.
Let Shen Sixun bury her head in her neck, but she couldn’t see his expression. She heard a very light little smile and Shen Sixun said faintly
I won’t forgive you for hurting you.
He put her waist and fingers tightened suddenly.
You won’t get this knife for nothing.
This sentence is very meaningful, and there is no anger in the tone. His fiery breath sprays her skin and somehow itches.
JiCancan hung her eyes and held Shen Sixun for a long time. She raised her hand and attached his cold back.
At this time, words are the best. He doesn’t ask, she doesn’t tell.
Shen Sixun wanted to accompany Ji Cancan back to Tang Zhai, but Ji Cancan refused. Today happens to be the weekend. Tang Jingyun must be sure.
JiCancan entered Tang Zhai with a heavy heart and was particularly tired.
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
The way to Tang Jingyun’s villa is to open the door of Tang Zhai’s recreation room. Several ladies in Liu Huiru sit inside and rub mahjong. Her voice is small enough not to attract their attention
However, she thinks too much
Liu Huiru saw JiCancan with sharp eyes, and she picked her eyebrows with sarcasm.
Yo, look who’s back.
The ladies turned their eyes to JiCancan when they heard the news, and their faces obviously looked good.
JiCancan crustily skin of head said hello to the door and turned to leave, but how can Liu Huiru let JiCancan go so easily? It seems that her life needs JiCancan’s soft bag for seasoning.
It’s really a long time. I’ve been away from home for just a few months and I have children.
Liu Huiru eyes staring at JiCancan belly darkly.
Three months ago, who swore frankly that he was willing to listen to the family’s arrangement and get married casually? No wonder he dared to shamelessly learn that Rui had found the Lord.
JiCancan lowered his head and pressed his lips tightly without saying a word.
But her resignation has further encouraged Liu Huiru’s arrogance.
Why don’t you tell me how you hooked up with Shenyang?
Every word of Liu Huiru is not sarcasm.
A lady teased and looked at JiCancan with a chuckle.
Men all like beauty. If they are coquettish, can’t they be trapped?
When the words fell, there was a boring laugh.
It’s also true, but if you have a big face, you won’t get pregnant before marriage.
The ladies covered their mouths and smiled with disdain in their eyes.
Hui Ru, it’s wrong for you to say that. You are family at any rate. She is a serious Tang family.
Don’t talk nonsense. My Ji Yanke never admitted that he had a sister.
Liu Huiru is telling the truth. Longterm foreign branches of Tang Jiyan rarely return to Tang Zhai. Even when they come back, they turn a blind eye to the bright lights, but much better than Liu Huiru. She has never been abusive in name.
After they teased for a while, the more they found that they were silent and interesting, and they also watched her continue to rub mahjong.
JiCancan saw him and left quietly.
夜生活See, even if the surface is noble and elegant, women will have a vicious heart. They think highly of others because of their superior birth. They can trample on Qi Cancan’s selfesteem and stomp on her mercilessly.