Do you have good grades? We are the real masters of this cool running competition!

Go to hell with your proud scores and grades!
Chapter 161 Flash strange jungle
Zhang Shaotian’s match against Xiao Yuan is also a player with strong strength in No.2 Middle School. At the beginning, Xiao Yuan ran to 13,000 meters in the Second Lieutenant Colonel Trial, which was well known by thousands of pages in the school and favored by Cao Li, who was wellmixed in No.2 Middle School, and thus became a wellknown public figure in No.2 Middle School.
This change brought by running coolly every day is something Xiao Yuan never expected before. Since then, Xiao Yuan has had three things in his life: eating, sleeping and practicing running coolly!
And this compact lifestyle also makes him feel very satisfied.
What? You say my school is not doing business?
I wonder if I can have such a beautiful scenery if I look at my school every day! Those good students are born. What does it matter if I try hard? Life should be oriented, and I am determined to turn everyone in these schools in Tiancheng over by using cool running technology. Isn’t this ambition not far away?
When you are young, you should let go and do what you think is right. Isn’t that the meaning of life?
Besides, I live a full life every day now, just like those three good students …
And now is an opportunity to show my efforts during this period! This time, the Tiancheng Cool Run League will surely shine and make a blockbuster! Your horse will be a stepping stone on my way to success. Thank God for giving you this honor!
Immersed in thinking, Xiao Yuanzheng’s selfsatisfied face occasionally reveals a hint of hippie smile. Zhang Shaotian, sitting in the opposite seat, inexplicably heard the referee’s game start and landed. Zhang Shaotian shook his head and didn’t look at it again.
Hello classmates? The game has started! Seeing the boys from No.2 Middle School sitting there never started, but with a smile on their face that they didn’t know why, the referee was a little strange and went to wake up.
ah! Has it started? Oh, oh, okay! Xiaoyuan hurriedly woke up from stupidly and watched the game. All the people were curious and looked at themselves. They couldn’t help but feel that their cheeks were a little hot and hurriedly started the sprint.
The referee curled his lips to see if there was a mistake in the game due to stage fright, but he had never seen that he didn’t know the start because of stage fright …
This guy’s brain is scared silly by us? A whisper came out of nowhere in the crowd, which made everyone around secretly laugh.
Seven people looked at the screen in front of them. At this time, Zhang Shaotian’s track was 500 meters earlier than that of the player in No.2 Middle School. Some words smacked his tongue. Although it didn’t affect the final performance score earlier and later, at this time, the screen was so far apart that they all felt a little awkward.
While Cao Li was standing not far from Taiwan, an old face had already sunk. What the hell is this sun doing!
It’s like knowing that you just made a lowlevel mistake. Xiaoyuan track seems to be serious. Many bounces and jumps seem to be relaxed. The witch Nana and the leopard are full of strength and will encounter obstacles in front of them one by one.
Because Zhang Shaotian started earlier, everyone looked at the front screen and watched Zhang Shaotian’s figure, and then he could see the same track. Xiao Yuancao was much more intuitive by comparison.
2 this guy looks a little guilty, but it’s ok to do exercises. Now he’s running close to a kilometer. The protective cover of this cargo has never dropped. After a few minutes, Mu Yang looked at the screen and was a little behind the screen. The picture was surprised.
Mo Tianyuan said, Yes, since No.2 Middle School put him in the third game, that means he still has some remarkable points. I hope we don’t capsize in this game.
The two were talking, and a strange figure appeared on the track in front of Zhang Shaotian.
There are usually faults in places where there are flashlights, which increases the difficulty of flashlights. However, there is no fault shadow in this position, but several hanging distribution baffles are replaced.
There is a track behind the first groundstuck flash monster, and a baffle is just right to park there. The groundstuck flash monster behind it also keeps a track. Generally speaking, the danger of the flash monster in front of the baffle is not great because it can take off before, but it is much more difficult to be close to the flash monster behind the baffle.
When passing through the baffle, if the player sees that there is a route behind him, he will often hurry to click the jump button when the baffle leans over and slides, but at this time, even if the screen is punctured by the baffle surface, the character can’t jump by half, but it will also lead to inaccurate jump after slipping out of the baffle, which will lead to danger.
When encountering this kind of road section, you should release the left sliding key after entering the baffle, and rely on the pressure of the baffle itself to keep the character in a state of bending over and sliding, that is, just sliding out of the baffle, grasping the accurate jumping position in an instant, turning over and jumping out of the misery.
However, because it is difficult to grasp the takeoff point just after leaving the baffle, it is easy for this road section to hit the flash monster behind, but because of the flash monster, it is generally not too difficult to find the takeoff point.
However, behind the second flash monster in front of Zhang Shaotian’s track side by side, there was actually another flash monster there!
The flash monster may be successfully jumped over by the player, but now there are two kinds of flash monsters, and there is a second baffle hanging behind it. If we continue to use the original climbing method, I am afraid that this new third flash monster will inevitably fall!
The second baffle behind the third flash monster is also the width of a jump route. It seems that a small sheep can cross the route. At this moment, thousands of pages are secretly worried about the size of the flash leopard. Is this width tolerable?
Behind the second baffle, there are also two flash monsters, but the first two flash monsters are different. The fourth flash monster appears on the ground at a distance, while the fifth one is close to the ground, and its wings are shining with black orchids.
The fifth flash monster is located behind a route, and the third baffle is hung on the spot, like the last guard on this road section.
At this moment, Zhang Shaotian looked at this large flash strange jungle in front of him, and his eyes didn’t dare to blink. He knew that the next few seconds would be a sudden death if he was not careful!
Chapter 162 Walking through the jungle witch
This section may be a watershed to test his strength.
The higher the nameplates, the higher the crowd. Hao Yu looked at the track ahead of Zhang Shaotian and whispered that she had a pair of clear eyes. At this time, she kept a close eye on the flashing leopard’s body witch Nana, and it seemed that she could not hide the slightest move from her sharp eyes.
oh? How do you say? Aside Liang Ran curious way
Hao Yu smiled and sold a little if it goes smoothly, then he is one of the top high schools in Tiancheng. If he can’t pass, he needs to train again.
So serious? Then I have to have a good look.
Taiwan’s Mo Tianyuan four people also looked at the track ahead and chatted.
This point is not difficult … it is already difficult to have a flash monster behind the baffle, but this place not only has a flash monster, but there are two behind the first baffle, that is, one plus the first baffle in front of the first baffle and the two flash monsters in front of the second baffle. There are three flash monsters in total. It can be said that all three flash monsters can cause shield damage except the first one.
There are two flash monsters in the second baffle and the third baffle, and the distribution of the fourth and fifth flash monsters is a bit odd …
Generally, players who are close to the flash monster after passing the baffle are used to jumping over the baffle. Although it is not difficult to practice several times, they can always grasp the jumping point, but the fourth flash monster is not close to the ground. On the contrary, there is a route on the ground, even if it needs to slide to ensure that it does not touch the flash monster. Although it is less difficult to continue sliding instead of jumping after just leaving the baffle, it is estimated that many players here rely on their usual habits to jump directly, which just happens to hit the fourth flash monster.
spa会所It can be seen that this difficult test is not the proficiency of the track but the reaction speed of the players!
As we all know, many sections of the track are repeating obstacles, but who would have thought that there would be such a small change here? It happened that such a slight adjustment would often turn many players into a highrisk place …
A page watched the witch Nana in Zhang Shaotian’s hand. At this moment, Nana had slipped to the first baffle and slipped out of the baffle. At that moment, Nana suddenly jumped over and took the second jump and began to glide, leaving all the second and third flash monsters behind!
Damn it! After the second flash, I blamed him for not landing directly as usual. Cao Li looked at Zhang Shaotian’s track and scolded him. But fortunately, he can still kill him later!
Before Cao Li’s words were over, Nana had already landed. After landing, she bent over and started sliding behind the second baffle!
Mo Tianyuan, Mu Yang, and Xia Qiu were distracted at this moment and slipped out of this position. The flash monster behind the baffle was like a killer in the hidden shadow!
If Nana slips out of the second baffle and turns over to take off or even stretches herself, she will be severely cut by the sharp knife of the fourth flash monster!