Don’t you know who I am?

Oh, two people Gherardini, isn’t it too late to beg for mercy at this time? Didn’t you think about today when you were puffed up before?
But Chu Yun continued, I am a person who cherishes my life very much, and I really want to beg for mercy to let my two predecessors leave me alone, but I can tell from the expressions of my two predecessors that it is wishful thinking, so I can be a scumbag again.
Listen to him, Sakata returned to the market, and two people had a bad feeling in their hearts.
A hunch will come true soon.
See Chu Yun and took out the jade pendant carefully holding hands to reveal the expression of the villain’s success. Now I will give you a multiplechoice question, either I will take the key myself to open the secret storage or you will kill me.
But I will definitely destroy this key before killing me.
He looked at the two men’s livid faces with profound meaning and continued, Kindly remind you two that if you choose the second answer, your heart will be happier, but everything in the purple cache will be lost to the two predecessors. As you can see, if you don’t kill the murderer, everything here can’t be taken away. The only thing you can get here is that the predecessors said you need a key to open the cache.
Now, please tell me the answer: Do you want to kill me with an open mind, or do something that adults should do and live to achieve their goals before turning against each other?
Chapter 122 Shut up
Two people looking at Chu Yun that little success face really feel life has never been wronged.
Mom, even if you threaten once or twice, you’re addicted to threats
Is it because you are so threatening that you have no brains that we dare to turn against you because we can be sure that you can’t threaten in this way?
This idea not only can’t make two people angry, but makes them more angry.
Being provoked by a natural villain is more irritating than being provoked by a person of equal strength.
Holding back a mouthful of anger, I took a look at Sakata’s return to the market. Zi Shixiong clenched his fists and said word by word, Although I really want to kill you directly, you are such a villain that makes me very unhappy, so I still want to tell you a cruel thing before I kill you.
Sanhe people, there is really no way for the outside world to stop you from damaging the jade pendant. Although there is still no way to stop your thoughts here, it is easy to manipulate the aura by means to prevent the jade pendant from being damaged so quickly.
So I can tell you that your laziness is completely ineffective from now on.
Hey, are you angry? Do you feel flustered?
I’m telling you, I have long disliked you.
If you don’t have the strength, you will die faster if you rely on it a little.
Zi Shixiong now has a desire to limit his speech. He has been depressed by a person below his own level for a long time, and Chu Yun is still his own competitor. He really wants to see his bad luck.
Now he wants to say his words freely, which makes Chu Yun sincerely regret his sharp irony.
He looked at Chu Yun’s mouth and gushed, saying that Sakata returned to the market next to him and saw his one eye in amazement. He also looked at Chu Yun.
Chu Yun, however, when Zixiong first said that his threat was invalid, he did look a little ugly, but as Zixiong kept saying that his face changed from the initial rain or shine to indifference.
In the end, it was even more like a smile.
This Sakata Guihui and Zi Shixiong were blinded by his expression. This little boy won’t be scared crazy. Although I think this guess is incredible, it’s the closest to the fact guess. Otherwise, who knows what this little boy is doing? It’s not unusual to know that people are afraid of death and do things that run counter to each other.
To say whether Chu Yun is bluffing, through some exaggeration, makes two people misunderstand and sing a play out of town, which makes two people afraid to start work. If they know that Chu Yun has this idea, they will say that if Chu Yun really thinks so, they must be really crazy.
Whether Chu Yun is bluffing or not, both of them will begin to conclude that the reality is not a drama plan, which can not scare people.
And Chu Yun, at this time, there is really no imaginary potential.
When Zixiong kept threatening, he finally heard the good news.
Taoist Kuidao has joined the array spirit.
More importantly, the array spirit told Taoist Kui that the array spirit had been paying attention since Chu Yun came in.
Chu Yun doesn’t know the situation. He’s got absolute guarantee.
According to the array spirit, Chu Yun has a purple family bloodline, so he will be under special protection. The level of protection is also purple male, the now purple family patriarch.
Chu Yun was glad after hearing Taoist Kui’s statement, but he also felt that the diaphragm should panic.
I’m a pure Chinese man. What’s the matter with the purple blood family? Instantly, like a witch’s guess, Chu Yun began to doubt whether the purple is true. This person really doesn’t like an island person to make that kind of change. The Chinese people have the boldness of vision, plus the original purple family’s most powerful God, Taoist Kui, is also Chinese. He really feels that this purple is really Chinese.
Of course, even if he feels this way in his heart, he won’t say it. He always feels like he has become a Chinese island country, a neighboring country and a cosmonaut. That wonderful country has nothing to hide from others and wants others to be good. It must be them. Their textual research shows that the middle hole is them and the Dragon Boat Festival is them.
My mind drifted a little far, comparing the differences between the islanders and the cosmonauts. Chu Yun secretly pouted that the islanders were really mean people. Sometimes, they felt more acceptable than the pseudomonarch of the cosmonauts. Maybe it shouldn’t be said that the pseudomonarch of the cosmonauts didn’t even pretend to be ashamed.
Hey, shaking his head hard, Chu Yun secretly blamed himself for being distracted. At this time, he was really able to support the wonderful work. When he was in danger of his life, he actually commented on the other two countries in his heart
Well, it’s because my own safety is guaranteed.
After laughing, Chu Yun tutted two weird chuckles and said to Zixiong, Are you finished?
Zi Shixiong’s face was livid. You’ll regret killing you if you sing the city plan, but now I’ve decided to torture you to death.
In fact, according to Zi Shixiong’s view, Chu Yun’s singing the city plan is to treat the two as fools.
桑拿论坛  title=It seems that he will Chu Yun debunk, and this little one will definitely have eyes to dodge and look pale. I didn’t expect Chu Yun’s face to look at it and actually there was a little encouraging smile.
Listening to Chu Yun’s smile and applause, It’s said that the islanders are rigid, but it’s still biased to see you now. At least you are quite imaginative.