The card is very powerful when it is pinned down. Lin Tian is out of the essence of the card. Even if the other party has a big dragon buff, it will be pinned down by our team. Now, if Lin Tian and others can play better and bring some IQ, we will have a good chance of winning if we don’t play hard with each other. Meng Fan also shook his fist when winning

The fifth set was unexpectedly glued.
Chapter one hundred and twentythree LPL here we come
After a yellow card was taken out, Lin Tian immediately threw a v d at the other demon Ji.
Ding Yi demon Ji was immediately dizzy.
Come on, if you just vegetarian food, then R will knock out a lot of blood in Lin Tian if you hit it.
Even if you can’t kill Lin Tian’s card, Lin Tian probably doesn’t dare to stay.
But those two skills are amazing!
R direct vegetarian food himself was dizzy to Lin Tian, and a Q skill was thrown directly in the past. The demon Ji was beaten passively. Ye Han knew which one was directly connected to several flat A! Immediately kill the vegetarian demon Ji directly.
A Q in the late card can really kill the crispy skin, especially the fragile witch.
Vegetarian roots didn’t expect Lin Tian to hide himself so easily at that time, and R itself was also one of the leng.
I met many opponents in this genius, but I didn’t have much skill to hide from him. At that moment, I was already seconds away.
The vegetarian witch Ji died in battle, and there is no obstacle in Lin Tian!
Come to vegetarian food and go back to the A team. Everyone is very at ease. I feel that the genius of vegetarian food can definitely block Lin Tianka.
But I didn’t expect vegetarian dishes to be seriously affected! Directly by the second!
What is this?
Team a is in a hurry to return to the city. If it doesn’t return to the city, it is estimated that the family will be removed by the card!
But the A team can’t go back to the Z team. Others seem to have become mad dogs. It’s really a mad dog that pounces on the A team.
No one in Team A can come back!
I finished my card every day. blade master feels I’m serious. I think the king of heaven is suitable for a hero like blade master and Zhao Xin. herring said seriously
It is true that Z team actually has a lot of games that are stolen and won. It is really …
This game may not be stolen by the king. If there is a returning king across the street, it will not be removed, and the king will have to clear an opponent, otherwise the super soldier will not be able to resist two towers. At this time, the beach is more rational
Zhou Shiyun is not rational at all.
She knew that this wave would be the winner.
This wave will decide whether the A team wins or the Z team wins.
Zhou Shiyun was so nervous that he forgot to breathe without saying a word.
At this time, it is better than Zhou Shiyun. I hope the Z team can win.
Lin Tianka played a Q skill against the opponent’s front teeth and triggered his lich disaster, followed by a flat A.
The speed of card dismantling tower is really not slow.
A hero like Kapai Jiaoyue is one of the best in dismantling the tower in the middle list.
Of course, it’s not a single in A.
The first front tooth was removed in a moment.
He cleared a pair of Fang Xiaobing so that his super soldiers could well block the laser emitted by the second front teeth!
Lin Tian cut the card and continued to face the second defensive tower Ping A. When he dismantled the tower, he cut the blue card. The blood volume of the second incisor immediately dropped a lot.
But at this time, the Z team has already seen someone killed.
It’s not easy to kill the blind monk in the wild with one person missing from the Z team in that main battlefield.
The other party pulled out, but there was still no way to return to the city.
Why didn’t Team A take a hero like Lady Tan Pig and Sister Huang now? They all control points, and they can’t control three people together. If they can’t control them, several other people in Team Z will harass Team A!
At this time, the Z team is really desperate.
In that earphone is their roar.
Fat way don’t want to go back! If you want to go back, you will pass the fat man first!
品茶All dead!
Several people heard Lin Tian’s ear, but Lin Tian didn’t speak. His attention was on the second front tooth!
Finally, the second front tooth has been removed! The other side left a base!
There is really one base left!
Team a is in a hurry.
Tian Ning shouted, Hurry back to one!
Can’t go back? Shan couldn’t help but say that she really can’t go back.
What shall we do? Tian Ning’s cold sweat is coming. Team Z is confident if he plays hardball, but Team Z won’t play hardball with them.
There are so many routines like Lin Tian.
Moreover, there are many Han Xiao routines in the Z team. Han Xiao Jialintian is a tactical routine, and Lin Tianze is a drill. There will be many routines when the team is in danger.
He told many heroes to steal their homes. It turned out that the mouse stole their homes and brought the Z team into the semifinals of the city hegemony competition.
At this time, this hand card is also full of routines!
Tianwang has torn down half of the A team, and no one can go back to my God! Herring doesn’t know what to say.
And the beach says, That’s ridiculous. That’s ridiculous.
Tianwang has to be demolished. At this time, the Z team has all been killed, and the poor Tianwang A team can finally go back! At this time, Zhou Shiyun finally came to his senses and said the game!
I saw the screen Lin Tianka facing the base A, and the other three people went back to the city and stepped on the home guards, just shouting a knife to keep people!
But at this time, Ye Han Q got the lich curse effect and then headed for the base A.
Finally, the base exploded!
Bang! Team A’s base exploded into ruins!
The audience immediately got excited, and Z team fans immediately waved Z team cards and cheered.