Then will his 39yearold mother find many reporters to shoot?

Madam’s hospitalization news has been blocked and can’t be exposed. Ancheng explained patiently.
Night sheng sheng sighed again, or followed Ancheng for a car, actually thinking, Oh, I feel like I can’t see the sun.
You can’t tell the emperor, but at least you can tell the night ink Ran and them, so Cong Ye Sheng Sheng sent a text message to the night ink Ran, and you should send a text message to her from time to time, otherwise remember to save her.
I didn’t say a word to Ancheng at night, and Ancheng also concentrated on driving seriously.
The car soon stopped in front of the hospital gate, and Ancheng and Night Sheng went in together. Ancheng came with Night Sheng Sheng behind her and knew that the ward didn’t need to lead the way.
What’s more, as soon as she came in, she saw Ancheng followed by two bodyguards, which was obviously afraid that she was halfway.
When she saw this appearance, she regretted it even more. She wanted to call the Emperor and ask him to protect herself.
As soon as the ladder door was opened, there were two bodyguards inside, and there were four before and after. There were six people staying inside.
Night sheng sheng is not particularly panic, always feel cold behind the goose bumps. She has never had such a tense moment, even if she quarrels with the emperor.
Why did she provoke the emperor’s family? No, no, no
Outside the ladder to the top floor, Yuan Jiecheng looked at the night, and the face of reluctance immediately turned white.
Ha ha, will it be the last time to see you tonight? Yuan Jiecheng was hit by a night sheng sheng bag in a joke.
crow’s mouth
The emperor didn’t accompany you to be afraid, right? You know how good the emperor is. Yuan Jiecheng said that Ye Sheng gave him a hard stare.
Yuan Jiecheng is also very fond of teasing people at night, especially watching them feel a little uncomfortable, but when he can’t do anything, he will be happier.
Hum is better than you.
Yuan Jiecheng also smiled and didn’t speak again.
Night Sheng Sheng and Ancheng must have important things to do, such as meeting with the Emperor’s mother, Yuan Jiecheng will certainly not delay.
Ann remember to send night sheng sheng back later Yuan Jiecheng this as usual.
However, it is suggested that Ancheng remembers to distinguish between the light and the heavy. The sudden change of the Emperor’s mother will naturally make people worry, so I don’t know if I can fake it for everyone to see.
After Yuan Jiecheng left, Sheng Sheng returned to that restless night.
Walking side by side with Ancheng, she turned to look at Ancheng when she became the ward door of the ward protected by all.
Ancheng just wanted to say something when the ward door was suddenly pulled open from the room. It was Didechang.
Emperor Dechang didn’t talk to the night sheng sheng, but nodded and said hello. Instead, the more he spent the night, Sheng Sheng looked behind her and Ancheng smiled and nodded.
That there are two white hints that moving night sheng sheng looks a little uncomfortable.
When Didechang walked out of Ancheng, he held down the door and looked at him at night. Then he took a deep breath in the ward and took his steps to go in.
Tell yourself to be steady at every step. You are not the same as before.
Now oneself even more can’t panic before Liu Yijuan.
Night Sheng Sheng walked in and saw a sick bed 39, turning over a magazine Liu Yijuan. She looked up and saw that it was night Sheng Sheng and immediately smiled brightly.
Are you tired after a day’s work? Is your cold better? Liu Yijuan asked the heart tone, and a little bit of it seeped into the heart of the night sheng sheng.
Night sheng sheng gave a shudder and couldn’t tell whether it was because she was scared by her sudden heart or because she was too scared.
The Emperor really didn’t take good care of you.
He took good care of me. Night Sheng Sheng’s tone was slightly cold, and Liu Yijuan didn’t mind at all.
Sit down. I don’t think you’re going that fast.
Night sheng sheng pulled a chair aside and deliberately pulled a little distance after being watched by Ancheng and Liu Yijuan. This move is obviously an escape.
According to the usual situation, how could Liu Yijuan be so accommodating? After pulling the chair like that, he should lose his temper and drive away the night sheng sheng.
Don’t be afraid that Ancheng will always hear everything I say to you. Liu Yijuan turned over a page of the magazine.
Night sheng sheng nodded well
Do you still adapt to work? Do you prefer here or new york?
桑拿按摩This way night sheng sheng barely smiled Liu Yijuan cheng maintained a gentle smile.
Like an ordinary mother, I put away the essence and sharpness of the former, which made Ye Sheng feel puzzled.
Even if people suddenly accept such changes as Lu Yijuan, it is estimated that they will be more afraid than happy
I heard from the Emperor that he was going to marry you. Do you know that he should have proposed to you?
Night sheng sheng didn’t answer, but I really don’t know if the answer is good, or whether she will remain vigilant.
Liu Yijuan immediately burst out laughing. I didn’t expect that night Sheng Sheng was heavier than before. Those two years still made her change and know how to prevent people.
I’m just curious whether he has done these things. Of course, I always believe that women must have a serious proposal and a grand wedding ceremony.
We have talked about this topic, replied Yesheng Sheng.
I may have done something to you that made you hate, but I won’t say I’m sorry and I don’t regret it. That’s what I should do.