Come back early! Yin Hang felt awkward, but he also felt it was a good opportunity to get along with Ding Liang alone.

good! You two take care of the children! Cao Aihua told me when she left. It’s really a mother’s concept
I want to go to the toilet! Ding dang got up from his position. Don’t worry, I’m going to squat for a while!
It’s so good that two fathers laughed and sprayed the child’s taboo directly!
Go ahead! Yin Hang sent a sentence. Ding Liang rubbed his little head and waved his hand. Ding dang ran to the toilet.
It seems that children get along well with you! Ding Liang took the initiative to open his mouth.
It’s all because of Aiwa. She is very patient with this child and the child treats her as a mother. I am marginalized a lot! Yin Hang didn’t flatter himself. Your position as a father is quite stable!
Aren’t you going to tell Ding Dang Liao Huan something? Ding Liang frowned slightly.
The child is still too young. We don’t want his childhood to be too complicated. He certainly can’t accept the fact that Liao Huan’s actions and my actions are cruel to him! Yin Hang didn’t shy away from his idea.
But what do you think is fair to Liao Huan? Ding Liangyin had a little excitement.
The most important thing for Liao Huan is not to be fair to herself. If she meant this, she wouldn’t have quietly retired in the past. She meant that it must be the most important thing for the child to grow up and how to benefit the child’s growth in the future! Yin Hang admitted that these words sounded cruel to Liao Huan and Ding Liang, but men often think rationally.
The fragrant chicken wings have nothing to do with the pixel potato grid! The waiter’s delivery voice interrupted the men’s conversation.
Shi Dingdang is lucky. He has two fathers who love him and three mothers who love him. This is a great spiritual wealth. Liao Huan bravely and personally endowed him with all this. I hope we can raise him together and cultivate him! Yin Hang raised his fist at the man, expecting some kind of response.
Ding Liang breathed a sigh of relief and felt that his thinking was a little melodramatic. Will a person who has been away for seven years have to influence the lives of the living again? What is more important than being happy now?
It’s really a smile to hook your lips slightly, which means that Ding Liang punched Yin Hang.
Are you bigger than a fist? Ding dang came running in a good mood.
Little classmate, did you wash your hands when you came out of the toilet? Watching his hands dry, Yin Hang picked his eyebrows and began to check.
I forgot! Ding dang vomitted to stick out his tongue naughty.
Let’s go. Dad will take you to wash! Yin Hang got up and took her son to health.
Looking at the happy back of the father and son, Ding Liang finally let go of many worries in his heart. Maybe it’s just like the little woman said. These are all Liao Huan’s knowing and making arrangements to enjoy life. Finally, their son is a satisfactory result!
Two old people in Cao Aihua and Li Jing shopping malls each bought a suit, and the bright colors were also festive.
Ai Huajie, I have never bought anything for Ding Liang’s parents! Li Jing wondered whether a daughterinlaw like her would be very unlovable.
You don’t have a job yet, and no one will care. Just pay attention to courtesy at ordinary times! Cao Aihua handed the packed clothes to Li Jing. Gifts and tinkling are all please!
You’re welcome! Li Jing took Cao Aihua’s arm. Are you used to going to the market with you?
It’s cold in winter there, and there’s no heating in the room, so be annoyed! Cao Aihua paused and said what he thought. What I insisted on bringing Dingdang there was to give us a new start. Although my parentsinlaw also like Dingdang very much, it’s hard for old people to say anything. I don’t want our feelings to be affected.
It’s really good. I think it’s most important for children to be with their parents. If children can adapt to you, there’s really no need to turn back and wait until the children are older! Li Jing felt that Cao Aihua did not ignore the problem after considering it.
It depends. I haven’t discussed this issue with Miao. The development of Yin Hangye is not bad. We are also discussing it!
How nice! Li Jing envies this kind of husband and wife going hand in hand, feeling that there will be endless common language.
On that day, we talked about a lot of trivial things in life, which seemed to be the feeling of living, but the feelings of the two families were obviously involved. Ding Liang seemed to have no hostility to Yin Hang, and many things could be discussed objectively.
After dinner, everyone watched a movie with Ding Dang. Li Jing and Ding Liang left the team to watch a romantic movie, which was still sweet.
Mom, do you think mom and dad can get married? Looking at the advanced field, Ding Liang and Li Jing Xiaodingdang began to think about it. This is what he has been worried about.
It should be no problem! Cao Aihua active wide heart have you seen the static aunt hand ring? Mom also has it! Cao Aihua said, putting up his left hand and giving the finger ring to his son. This was given to my mother when my father proposed marriage. Does it mean that you agree?
Is that what the little mother’s ring means? Ding dang is a little excited.
Of course, don’t believe you can interrogate your dad tonight! Cao Aihua understood Ding Dang’s careful thoughts.
The child always thinks that he has delayed his father’s life, and he is also very considerate of Ding Liang’s hard work. He is eager to find a sweetheart for Ding Liang so that his heart will feel better.
After the film, Yin Hang still sent Li Jing back to the family and sent Li Jing to the door.
There can be a wedding candle or something!
yuck! Li Jing blushed.