Magic defense? ? ?

Moving speed 2~4
A series of data screens appeared in front of Chen Mo.
The light curtain contains almost all the data of Karp.
Chen Mo knew the scroll for the first time, but he still saw at a glance that there was something wrong with Karp’s attribute data
Up to 100 million health points, physical and magical defenses are all methods to detect question marks.
100 million health value Chen Mo also has it, but it is caused by the changeable nature of the blue angel wings.
Karp know what equipment and skills scrolls are also explored and displayed in front of Chen Mo.
Chen Mo once again confirmed his guess at a glance.
Karp’s equipment and skills are gorgeous. Only Chen Mo can be better than him in the game.
However, even if the properties of those equipment are multiplied tenfold, they can’t get 100 million blood, let alone detect defense.
Did you modify the character data?
The silence looked at Karp.
This guy cheated again and modified the character data!
However, in addition to health and defense, the attack power is still normal. It seems that he can’t modify the attack power. If his attack power is also turned into a method of detection, I am afraid that Chen Mo’s 100 million blood will be useless.
Ha ha ha! Isn’t it great? I’m not as fast as you, and my attack power is not as high as yours. I can’t kill you, but you can’t kill me! I am invincible in this battle!
Karp laughed and didn’t directly answer that he was looking at Chen Mo with great interest. More than half a month ago, Chen Mo almost killed him, but now even his defense can’t break the gap. Although it can’t kill Chen Mo, it also makes him feel better than Shu Shuang.
Caden! Life wheel!
Karp didn’t answer, but Chen Mo already knew what was going on.
When he went to assassinate Caden Karp and his agent, he found Caden first and learned from him that he didn’t know the news.
Karp relied on the black caterpillar to destroy the game data, but he never modified the character data limit.
In the game, you can modify the character data, and you can modify a small part of the law department. Where you modify it, there is the wheel of life in Kaiton’s letters, which is the game console.
Karp suspected that he had found the life wheel and the code corresponding to his role, and made some modifications, which changed the health value and defense ability to the variable value.
Hey, I didn’t expect you to know that place, so I won’t hide it from you. Yes, I modified the character data there, but it took me a long time to do it. But since I can modify the health and defense, it doesn’t take much time to modify the attack power and other attribute data. Now I can’t kill you, but soon you will be defeated by me and can’t even bear a move!
Karp proudly admitted that his mouth was full of banter.
He can’t wait to see Chen Mo being hunted all over the map.
Don’t talk big until you do it!
Chen Mo body move mercilessly to Karp.
Several lightfilled Karp Chen Mo attacks can hit Karp with 1 point of damage, but the silence is to insult Karp. The attacks are all to greet Karp in various embarrassing parts. Karp is so attacked by Chen Mo that he soon becomes furious.
But in addition to the defense ability, his attributes are still far from the silence. Finally, he was humiliated by Chen Mo and couldn’t stand to escape by force.
Damn it! I want the horse to modify the attack power and speed and humiliate this guy!
Karp was completely angered by Chen Mo, and his body turned in a certain direction and flew past.
When they arrived, Chen Mo and Kaka were still hunting the players at last.
Due to the players’ drastic reduction and collapse every six hours, the land area is getting bigger and bigger.
After half a month, the number of players who are finally alive is less than 10 thousand.
And because the final area is very small, the effect of Chen Mo’s hunting operation is getting bigger and bigger.
Many people want to avoid the line, but the system also further stimulates competition. It is stipulated that each player must be online for three hours every day. If this requirement is not met, he will be automatically expelled from the system.
Finally, the number of remaining players decreased sharply.
In the past week, the last remaining area was the size of 30 football fields.
Chen Mo’s ability in the size of 30 football fields can be seen in the sky.
Chen Mo flew to Tianfang, but there were no players except Kaka and others.
Finally, all players seem to be expelled from Chen Mo.
But Chen Mo knew that there was obviously a net, because the game was not over yet, and the number of live players was still one hundred.
There must be no players in Chen Mo in the visual range.
But Chen Mo thought of a possibility.
Now the only lucky ancient city.
The city should have special abilities that he doesn’t know can be hidden in the end so that he can’t find them.
Cheng Karp and his agents hid more than 100 people in it.
Karp said a long time ago that he was invincible. Now Chen Mo knows the meaning of this sentence.
桑拿会所In the end, the game will not end if the number of players is not less than one hundred. It is also not enough for Chen Mo and others to have more death points.